15-Minute Matrix


Mapping The Baby Microbiome with Meenal Lele #351

Meenal Lele is author of the important book “The Baby and the Biome”, and today we discuss the microbiome through the lens of our babies and their health. We’ll explore the key differences between a baby’s microbiome and that in an adult human, and get super tactical about how to reframe our thinking for long […]


Mapping Power with Renee Jayne #301

In this episode of the 15-Minute Matrix, I discuss the notion of “power” with health and life coach Renee Jayne. Power can have many negative connotations; but Renee flips those notions on their head and helps us to see where harnessing our power can lead to transformative healing. Get ready to consider those deeper conversations […]


Mapping Multigenerational Racial Trauma with Dr. Cheryl Grills #193

“When it comes to being black in America, that means behaviorally there are a set of do’s and don’ts in order to survive.” These are the important words of Dr. Cheryl Grills and today on the 15-Minute Matrix she speaks into the physiological and mental impacts of multigenerational racial trauma. Today’s episode is not to […]


Mapping SNPs with Dr. Yael Joffe #182

I’m excited to introduce you to Dr. Yael Joffe. In today’s episode she’ll speak into the importance of understanding nutrigenomics in relation to low penetrance SNPs. This reframe around what gene variants mean in our practice and how we can work with them to influence outcomes was music to my ears. Get ready for a […]


Mapping ApoE with Joe Cohen #94

Your genes are not your destiny. In today’s episode, I’ll chat with Joe Cohen, the brains behind SelfHacked, as we walk down the genetic lane of apolipoprotein E or ApoE. We’ll discuss what to do if you see this variant on a genetic report, and the many diet and lifestyle modifications you can implement into […]


Mapping Character Strengths with Dr. Sandra Scheinbaum #34

Positive psychology is a way of thinking that addresses, “What do we need to thrive? What contributes to a good life?” As Dr. Sheinbaum shares in this week’s episode, character strengths are essential traits that, when used, help us to be and become our best selves. They’re an essential part of healing!