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15-Minute Matrix

Clinical Quickies

Mapping Satiety with Andrea Nakayama – Part Two #376

For the final episode of the 15-Minute Matrix (sad, but true!) I finalize our deep dive into the topic of satiety, continuing the conversation from my first episode, linked below. As a bonus, I answer questions I received regarding the what, why and how of satiety.  Click here to learn more about Andrea and the […]


Mapping Post Traumatic Growth with Dushyanthi Satchi #375

Can there be growth within suffering? If you know me and my story, you know that Posttraumatic Growth is an important way that I frame my experience. And in this episode I have the pleasure of speaking to Dushyanthi Satchi about this very topic. Dushyanthi walks us through a beautiful journey of suffering and healing […]


Mapping BCAAs with Dr. Dudley Lamming #373

Bioindividuality matters. We know this in health and nutrition. Yet increased protein consumption is a hot topic in today’s health space and it can be easy to lose sight of where individuality may play a role in our recommendations — even when it comes to protein intake. Dr. Lamming joins me on this episode to […]


Mapping Heart Attacks with Dr. Warrick Bishop #372

Dr. Warren Bishop joins me on this episode to discuss the important topic of heart attacks and heart disease. We explore how to assess risk factors for coronary artery disease, turn cholesterol risk factors upside down, and put our understanding of what we do and don’t know about heart attacks through a more functional lens. […]


Mapping Eating from our Roots with Maya Feller #371

Registered Dietician, Maya Feller, joins me for a delightful conversation around cultures, the foods we eat, and her upcoming cookbook “Eating From Our Roots”. I love so much about this discussion — particularly the ways in which we can unlearn wellness dogma and embrace the messages and traditions of our ancestors as a key part […]


Mapping Fake Meats with Courtney Swan #367

On this podcast episode we’re going to get political, as Courtney Swan shares her passion about food quality, specifically fake meats, and the role our governments and food industry play in promoting these highly inflammatory foods. Courntey does a great job of breaking down the dysfunction in today’s food supply and outlining the steps we […]


Mapping Culinary Mushrooms with Andrea Gentl #366

In this delicious bite-sized episode, Andrea Gentl takes us on a delightful journey into the world of culinary mushrooms, highlighting the benefits and varied ways we can all introduce mushrooms into our daily routines. Be sure to check out the show notes for a link to Andrea’s beautiful book on the topic! Click here to […]


Mapping Impostor Syndrome with Dr. Ericka Goodwin #349

Dr. Ericka Goodwin joins me on this episode to address the imposter syndrome that we all feel at one point or another. Dr. Goodwin is on a mission to help us Be Better, Do Better, and Live Better. While this discussion centers around negative self-talk, Dr. Goodwin provides insight, tools and deep wisdom on how […]


Mapping Pharmacogenomics with Dr. Ani Rostomyan #348

Dr. Ani Rostomyan is a Doctor of Pharmacy, Holistic Pharmacist and Functional Medicine Practitioner for a powerful episode discussing the field of pharmacogenomics. This is a fascinating conversation on ways to incorporate an emerging field into our comprehensive care, particularly for those who suffer chronic health challenges — from cancer to mental health struggles to […]


Mapping Satiety with Andrea Nakayama #346

In this solo episode, I invite you into the world of satiety. In Part One of this two-part series on satiety, I’ll focus on three of the five influencing factors involved in satiety. Tune-in to learn what those five physiological factors that influence our feelings of fullness are, and what we can do to help […]

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