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Mapping Collagen with Star Khechara #326

Star Khechara, health and nutrition educator, joins me on this episode to talk about all things collagen. Star educates us on whether there are benefits to supplementing with collagen and how we can best support our skin and natural collagen production through diet and lifestyle modifications.  Click here to learn more about Star Khechara and […]


Mapping Lymph with Dr. Ginger Nash #282

Today I’m joined by Dr. Ginger Nash who takes us on a deep dive into the lymphatic system, detoxification and the importance of movement to maintain optimal health. I truly loved this conversation about the importance of the lymph for gut, hormone, and immune health. It drives the truth about systems biology home! Click here […]


Mapping the Gallbladder with Dr. Melina Roberts #148

This week on the podcast Dr. Melina Roberts is taking us deep into the many functions of the gallbladder. From bile production, to emulsification, to the gallbladder’s role in thyroid health Dr. Roberts sheds a bright and educational light on how important this organ is to the body’s ability to properly detoxify and healthfully function. […]


Mapping Methylation with Dr. Mansoor Mohammed (Part 2) #138

In this episode we continue our rich conversation about methylation with Dr. Mansoor Mohammed. Tune-in as Dr. Mansoor equips us with not only an incredible education around a complex topic but also gives us many tools that we can put into practice right away! Click here to download the completed Matrix from this week’s episode […]


Mapping Methylation with Dr. Mansoor Mohammed (Part 1) #137

Today is the start of a special 3-part series with Dr. Mansoor Mohammad. In the first two episodes, Dr. Mansoor provides some much-needed education and clarity into the mechanisms of methylation and in the 3rd episode, we take a deep dive into methylation’s key nutrient, folate. Get ready to wrap your mind around methylation! Click […]


Mapping Detoxification with Dr. Christine Schaffner #119

As Functional clinicians, we sit in a unique seat, one that enables us to empower those we work with to embrace their unique physiology and the environment in which they live and breathe. This is critical when thinking about detox. And that’s why I’ve invited Dr. Christine Schaffner to discuss how we can take detoxification […]