15-Minute Matrix


Tune-in for explorations of the factors that influence gene expression. These include what you eat, drink, who you surround yourself with, how you sleep, exercise and more. We’ll take “nutrition” out of the realm of food alone, and into the terrain of holistic nourishment as a path to resolution.

Mapping Air Quality with Michael Rubino #370

We’re all aware of the impact of pollution on our health, but how often do we concern ourselves with the quality of the air within our daily environments? In this episode, Michael Rubino, mold and air quality expert, enlightens us on why home air quality can be the missing puzzle piece in health and health […]


Mapping Polygenic Risk Scoring with Joe Cohen #359

Joe Cohen, founder and CEO of SelfDecode joins me to discuss genomics, but more specifically our polygenic risk score. Joe, flips the script from focusing on one gene (or SNP), and instead shines a lens on how we consider a multitude of genes, along with presenting signs and symptoms, to determine what’s true for the […]


Mapping The Baby Microbiome with Meenal Lele #351

Meenal Lele is author of the important book “The Baby and the Biome”, and today we discuss the microbiome through the lens of our babies and their health. We’ll explore the key differences between a baby’s microbiome and that in an adult human, and get super tactical about how to reframe our thinking for long […]


Mapping DDT with Dr. Elena Conis #339

Medical historian Dr. Elena Conis joins me on the podcast to discuss the fascinating history of the chemical DDT and its devastating effects on our environment and our health. She dives into the challenges that can occur when we “pollute now and understand and regulate later.” Click here to learn more about Dr. Conis’s book […]


Mapping BPA with Lara Adler #337

I invited environmental toxin expert Lara Adler back to the mic to discuss BPA and the many health dangers and impacts behind the family of bisphenols. You’re likely familiar with BPA, but what is it, and what physiological damage can it cause? Lara takes us on a deep dive into the importance of this lifestyle […]


Mapping Drug-Nutrient Interactions with Amy Lamb #334

Pharmacist Amy Lamb joins me on this episode to discuss drug nutrient interactions. This can be confusing for some practitioners who may not understand the pharmacodynamics of the drugs that their client or patient is taking but have no fear… Amy breaks down how to think about this and some key interactions to look for […]


Mapping Medication Management with Dr. Lauren Castle #329

Dr. Lauren Castle is the founder of the Functional Medicine Pharmacists Alliance and a virtual consultant pharmacist with Pharm to Table. In today’s interview, Dr. Castle shares how pharmacists are weaving functional medicine and pharmacogenomics into their patient care when prescribing pharmaceuticals. Tune-in to learn how this impacts your work in practice! Click here to […]


Mapping Power with Renee Jayne #301

In this episode of the 15-Minute Matrix, I discuss the notion of “power” with health and life coach Renee Jayne. Power can have many negative connotations; but Renee flips those notions on their head and helps us to see where harnessing our power can lead to transformative healing. Get ready to consider those deeper conversations […]


Mapping Metal Toxicity with Dr. Christopher Shade #298

In today’s episode, I welcome Dr. Christopher Shade back to the mic to share his wisdom on heavy metal toxicity. Be sure to get the Matrix for this episode to capture all the intricacies associated with an overburdened body, as well as grabbing a pen to capture just how we can best support detoxification. There’s […]


Mapping Headaches with Dr. Meg Mill #286

Dr. Meg Mill is a Functional Medicine Practitioner and a Clinical Pharmacist helping her clients get to the root causes of their headaches and migraines. Dr. Mill walks us through the matrix — re-enforcing how diet and lifestyle play a critical role in supporting our clients to finally feel better.  Click here to download the […]

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