15-Minute Matrix


Mapping Aerobic Deficiency Syndrome with Scott Johnston #275

Join me today as I dive into the science of aerobic and anaerobic exercise with Scott Johnston. Scott takes us into the world of endurance exercise and dissects what works and what doesn’t for long term health and fitness. He reminds us how we are bio-individual, and also how everything we thought was best, may […]


Mapping Post-Workout Recovery with Kylene Bogden #191

Today on the 15-Minute Matrix Kylene Bogdan speaks into post-workout recovery and what the body needs to repair after training. And she should know! Kylene is the Dietician and Nutritionist for an NBA basketball team. Whether you’re working with elite athletes, weekend warriors or cross-fit newbies, you’ll want to glean some good (and functional) tips […]


Mapping Movement with Kelly McGonigal #152

Movement may be the single most important lifestyle factor to improve well being as my guest today, the renowned health psychologist Kelly McGonigal, explains. In this episode we’ll explore the science of movement but also the many benefits to the full body systems and functions… particularly the health and function of the brain! Click here […]


Mapping Myofascial Release with Tiffany Cruikshank #108

Connective tissue connects all of our organ systems and is widespread throughout the entire body. Today I welcome Tiffany Cruikshank to the 15-Minute Matrix to discuss the innate, intelligent, full body system of connective tissue and how encouraging clients to work slowly with myofascial release can be a key tool in the healing process. Grab […]


Mapping Movement Therapy & Autoimmunity with Dr. Bonnie Feldman #48

What is your favorite technique for treating patients who have chronic pain and/or an autoimmune disease? In today’s podcast Dr. Bonnie will help us to understand the difference between exercise and movement therapy, and how the latter can effectively minimize pain. > Click here to download the completed Matrix from this week’s episode > Click […]