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Structural Integrity

Mapping Kegels with Kim Vopni #357

Kim Vopni, a pelvic floor specialist (also known as The Vagina Coach), joins me on this episode of the podcast to discuss the world of kegels. Our exploration takes us to conversations about incontinence, movement, breathwork, sexual pleasure, and more, and why kegel exercises and the pelvic floor matter. Click here to learn more about […]


Mapping The Male Pelvic Floor with Dr. Domenic Fraboni #355

When the topic of the pelvic floor comes to mind, we tend to think of women’s pelvic floor issues. Dr. Domenic Fraboni helps to shift our perspective and dispel the misconception that the male pelvic floor does not need our attention as well. In this episode we discuss why the male pelvic floor matters for […]


Mapping Alignment with Joy Chudacoff #354

What’s your calling? What matters most to you? Joy Chudacoff joins me on this poignant episode to discuss alignment in life and work. Through intentional habits and awareness, we can align ourselves with what’s most important in all areas of our lives.  Click here to learn more about Joy Chudacoff and her work 


Mapping SI Pain with Dr. Jen Fraboni #353

Physical Therapist, Dr. Jen Fraboni, joins me today to discuss pain in the sacroiliac (SI) joint. She explores what contributes to this low hip and back pain and the steps we can help our clients and patients take to tame the flames that pain them. Dr. Jen also debunks a popular myth about how to […]


Mapping Posture with Lara Heimann #352

I’ll confess that I’m a bit obsessed with posture. That’s why I was so thrilled to have a conversation with international yoga pioneer and Physical Therapist Lara Heimann about the topic. In this episode Lara helps us to explore how posture impacts all body systems and overall health. Posture (like breath) may be one of […]


Mapping Face Yoga with Danielle Collins #350

In this episode I’m thrilled to share a conversation with face yoga expert, Danielle Collins. Danielle helps us to explore the benefits of supporting the lymphatic system with facial touch, massage, and acupressure techniques that intertwine ancient practices with modern science and understanding. She also speaks into the rewards that can be experienced by implementing […]


Mapping Fascial Distortion Patterns with Dr. Martin Rosen and Dr. Nancy Watson #321

I’m pleased to welcome Dr. Martin Rosen back to the podcast along with his wife, Dr. Nancy Watson, to discuss the fascinating topic of fascial distortion patterns, especially as they relate to children and child behavior and development. They dive into the importance of a healthy pregnancy as well as the first few years and […]


Mapping Muscle with Dr. Gabrielle Lyon #302

In today’s episode Dr. Gabrielle Lyon shines a light on the fact that we’re underestimating the power of muscle in addressing the rise in metabolic diseases, including Alzheimer’s. She says: “We have to switch the concept of fat loss into muscle gain.” Dr. Lyon takes us on a deep dive into the anatomy and biochemistry […]


Mapping Joint Pain with Dr. Angela Cortal #238

Joint pain is a common complaint with our clients and patients, and it can often be chalked up to arthritis or “wear and tear.” But is that a fair assessment? On today’s episode, Dr. Angela Cortal illuminates where the root causes of joint pain may stem from, and whether or not exercise and movement should […]


Mapping TMJ with Dr. Martin Rosen #216

Dr. Martin Rosen’s discussion about temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders on today’s podcast spotlights how connected the full body systems truly are! TMJ offers important clues about how we manifest and hold our stress. Dr. Rosen details for us the two-way cascade of influences between TMJ and the cranial, immune and musculoskeletal systems, adrenal imbalances, gut […]

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