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Mapping Interoception with Annie Murphy Paul #303

We’ve all heard about and experienced a “gut feeling”. In today’s episode, Annie Murphy Paul discusses the science behind these instincts. It’s called “interoception,” and Annie shares her research on how tuning into these subtle cues that the body sends can have positive impacts on overall health and performance. Click here to learn more about […]


Mapping Meal Prep Motivation with Meghan Telpner #269

Do your clients relay stories about staring into the refrigerator at night wondering what to eat and how to feed their family? The answer may be as simple as helping them learn the benefits of meal prep. Join me today as Meghan Telpner takes us into the world of meal prep motivation, and how we […]


Mapping Kitchen Confidence with Susan Brooks #267

For many of our clients and patients, the roadblock to eating healthy is lack of confidence in the kitchen and with their cooking skills. Join me today as I discuss what steps we can help them take to find joy in the  kitchen. Can it be as simple as a pot of soup?  Click here […]