15-Minute Matrix


Mapping Medication Management with Dr. Lauren Castle #329

Dr. Lauren Castle is the founder of the Functional Medicine Pharmacists Alliance and a virtual consultant pharmacist with Pharm to Table. In today’s interview, Dr. Castle shares how pharmacists are weaving functional medicine and pharmacogenomics into their patient care when prescribing pharmaceuticals. Tune-in to learn how this impacts your work in practice! Click here to […]


Mapping Dietary Habit Change with Dr. Gina Cleo #311

This Nutrition Therapy episode of the 15-Minute Matrix delves into the realm of habit and habit change as it relates to dietary change. Dr. Gina Cleo helps us to recognize that when we understand the theory of habit, we can apply it to any area of our lives, and help our clients and patients to […]


Mapping Migraines with Dr. Robert Sheeler #252

We’ve all experienced headaches in our lives, but when someone says they have a “migraine” we know they’re in a lot of pain. Join me today as Dr. Sheeler and I discuss migraines, what distinguishes them from the average headache, and how working through a functional lens can provide relief for our clients. Click here […]