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15-Minute Matrix

Environmental Triggers

Mapping Air Quality with Michael Rubino #370

We’re all aware of the impact of pollution on our health, but how often do we concern ourselves with the quality of the air within our daily environments? In this episode, Michael Rubino, mold and air quality expert, enlightens us on why home air quality can be the missing puzzle piece in health and health […]


Mapping Fake Meats with Courtney Swan #367

On this podcast episode we’re going to get political, as Courtney Swan shares her passion about food quality, specifically fake meats, and the role our governments and food industry play in promoting these highly inflammatory foods. Courntey does a great job of breaking down the dysfunction in today’s food supply and outlining the steps we […]


Mapping Multiple Sclerosis with Dr. Terry Wahls #361

In this episode I welcome Dr. Terry Whals back to the podcast to discuss what she’s best known for, her work and understanding (both personal and professional) of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Dr. Wahls takes us through the matrix, mapping the intricacies of MS and how we can best bring true Functional thinking to the support […]


Mapping Light & Vision with Dr. Jacob Liberman #360

This episode is deep and resonant, centering around the topic of light. Join me and my guest, Dr. Jacob Liberman, for a fascinating conversation on the power of light and its function in guiding every single step we take and every single cell in our body.  Click here to learn more about Dr. Liberman and […]


Mapping Polygenic Risk Scoring with Joe Cohen #359

Joe Cohen, founder and CEO of SelfDecode joins me to discuss genomics, but more specifically our polygenic risk score. Joe, flips the script from focusing on one gene (or SNP), and instead shines a lens on how we consider a multitude of genes, along with presenting signs and symptoms, to determine what’s true for the […]