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15-Minute Matrix


Mapping Postpartum Sex with Adee Cazayoux #239

Pregnancy and birthing a baby can be overwhelming and exhausting. Sex may be the last thing a mother wants to think about! Tune in as I bring Adee Cazayoux to the mic to discuss postpartum sex, why it’s so important, and how to help our clients and patients communicate their needs to their partner (or […]


Mapping Testosterone with Dr. Carrie Jones and Dr. Ralph Esposito #217

Today’s episode is a two-part series on testosterone! I’m excited to invite Dr. Carrie Jones back to the mic to speak into the role that testosterone plays in female hormonal health, and I then bring Dr. Ralph Esposito on to speak into the male equation. You won’t want to miss this two-part episode as we […]


Mapping Estrogen Regulation with Dr. Sara Gottfried #197

Today on the 15-Minute Matrix I’m talking with my colleague Dr. Sara Gottfried about Estrogen Metabolism. We can get hyper focused on estrogen levels, but today, Dr. Gottfried shows us how important it is to look deeper at the full utilization of estrogens (the inside picture). Don’t miss this episode, and be sure to get […]


Mapping Fertility Nutrition with Sarah Sandy #74

Sarah Sandy supports the premise that we can live and eat in a way that creates the best environment for implantation and a healthy baby. With the right food, movement, environment, nutrients, and emotional state, the body is optimized for conception. In this episode of the podcast, she’ll share her top recommendations to do just […]


Mapping Breasts with Florence Williams #18

Today we’re exploring health, breasts, science, history, and your call-to-action in listening in to this week’s episode with science writer Florence Williams is to think about your client’s breast history. It may be more important than you realized!