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Mapping Breathwork with MJ Renshaw #347

MJ Renshaw is a healing guide, founder of Earth Oil, and my new go-to for understanding the powers of breathwork. She joins me on this episode for a conversation about the physiological impact of how we breathe.  Before you go running to fancy protocols be sure to check in with your client or patient about […]


Mapping Endocannabinoid System with Dr. Jake Felice #330

Cannabinoid therapy is not all about THC and it’s not even only about cannabi therapiess! Join me as I speak to Dr. Jake F. Felice, author, clinician, educator and consultant whose vision is to advance the science and practical application of natural medicines for medical and recreational markets around the world. He dives into the […]


Mapping SAMe with Dr. Ben Lynch #328

In this episode I’m pleased to welcome back Dr. Ben Lynch to help us map an audience request—SAMe. SAMe is a compound made in the body but it’s also become a popular supplement, which may not be supporting the body in the ways we hope. Dr. Lynch discusses the important role this compound plays in […]


Mapping Light with Roudy Nassif #322

Roudy Nassif joins me today to discuss the fascinating subject of light, and more importantly the light frequencies we receive from the sun. Roudy has made it his mission to educate as many people as possible about the importance of getting outside and shifting our exposures to certain light frequencies and, ultimately, how this can […]


Mapping Mouth Taping with Dr. Mark Burhenne #184

Today I’m excited to bring Dr. Mark Burhenne back to the mic to talk about mouth taping. Sleeping at night with your mouth open (hello to most of us!) alters the microbiome of the mouth and today Dr. B illuminates issues ranging from the root causes of mouth breathing to the role that nitric acid […]