15-Minute Matrix

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Mapping Impostor Syndrome with Dr. Ericka Goodwin #349

Dr. Ericka Goodwin joins me on this episode to address the imposter syndrome that we all feel at one point or another. Dr. Goodwin is on a mission to help us Be Better, Do Better, and Live Better. While this discussion centers around negative self-talk, Dr. Goodwin provides insight, tools and deep wisdom on how […]


Mapping Longevity and Purpose with Meghan Walker #167

Our sense of purpose (often referred to as our “why”) has the potential to influence our physiology. Today on the podcast Dr. Meghan Walker shows us the many ways that purpose impacts longevity. Don’t miss this important conversation where Dr. Meghan walks us through how to support our patients by recognizing their unique purpose as […]


Mapping Nutrition with Andrea Nakayama (Replay) #57

Today on the 15-Minute Matrix special Nutrition Therapy series, we’re re-releasing a foundational episode where I come to mic to map Nutrition. Why? Because I still believe we are getting nutrition all wrong. Tune-in to learn more and ensure that you’re not making diet and lifestyle recommendations without this paradigm-shifting perspective. Click here to download […]


Mapping Patient Advocacy with Adrienne Nolan-Smith #151

How do we slow down, take a pause and empower our clients to be true partners in the therapeutic relationship and in their healing journey? Adrienne Nolan-Smith identifies the key elements of patient advocacy, and reminds us that we should all be proponents of root cause resolutions. Click here to download the completed Matrix from […]


Mapping Loneliness with James Maskell #115

The loneliness epidemic is the biggest driver of all-cause mortality. And we’re living in a time where people are lonelier than ever. Today I welcome James Maskell back to the mic to talk about one of the number one ways we can support clients and patients by helping them to find a way to heal […]


Mapping Touch with Allison Post #114

When you think of the word ‘touch’, what comes to mind for you? For many of our clients or patients, the word ‘touch’ may have negative connotations. Yet touch is an important part of healing. This is why I’ve brought Allison Post back to the mic. There’s nobody better to help us envision the different […]