15-Minute Matrix

Structural Integrity

Mapping Movement with Kelly McGonigal #152

Movement may be the single most important lifestyle factor to improve well being as my guest today, the renowned health psychologist Kelly McGonigal, explains. In this episode we’ll explore the science of movement but also the many benefits to the full body systems and functions… particularly the health and function of the brain! Click here […]


Mapping Protein with Dr. Michael Greger #146

This week Dr. Michael Greger speaks about protein and, more specifically, the benefits of nourishing the body with plant-based protein. Not too much, and not too little. One of the many benefits of hosting this podcast is highlighting the different perspectives that my guest experts deliver, and today’s episode will leave you with key reminders […]


Mapping Myofascial Release with Tiffany Cruikshank #108

Connective tissue connects all of our organ systems and is widespread throughout the entire body. Today I welcome Tiffany Cruikshank to the 15-Minute Matrix to discuss the innate, intelligent, full body system of connective tissue and how encouraging clients to work slowly with myofascial release can be a key tool in the healing process. Grab […]


Mapping Vaginal Dryness with Dr. Anna Cabeca #65

Many of our patients will suffer from vaginal dryness and other concerns related to the health of the vaginal lining as they age and their hormones shift with menopause. But our younger clients can also experience these symptoms. Dr. Anna Cabeca maps the pain and suffering that these women experience–both physically and psychologically, and she […]