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Food, Mood, Poop Journal (and the real scoop on poop)

While poop provides some great clues, poop data alone becomes much more relevant when we gather input on food intake as well. That’s why the Food, Mood, Poop Journal is your first step in clinical data capture.

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Psyllium Husk for Husky Poop

Poop is one of our best health diagnostic tools! Today’s gut loving ingredient is meant to bring on the husky: it’s psyllium husk!

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Connecting the Dots with Functional Lab Results

Looking at functional lab results like a constellation will help you determine your client's health problems.

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Reframing the Healthcare Trend of Functional Lab Testing

Learn how to avoid the trap of thinking lab results equal a root cause in your client's health.

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Term to Know – Pathological

Knowing how the body responds to pathological ailments is crucial to understanding a client's needs.

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Listen to this post instead! Systems biology tells us that living systems are complex and dynamic. Their behavior and expression will be difficult to determine from the attributes of distinct parts of the whole. Systems thinking focuses on how something being studied interacts with other elements of the same system. Instead of isolating the specific […]

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What’s missing in healthcare—YOUR STORY

Scientific research is now revealing what you may have known, in your gut, all along… You need personalized solutions to your health struggles. Functional Nutrition is based on this premise. And some areas of medicine aim to support this mission to transform healthcare into a system that WORKS (and works for YOU). In fact, precision […]

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Functional Nutrition Tip: The Power of STORY

If I were to ask you how you got interested in the field of nutrition, you’d likely tell me a story. Maybe you were sick. Or you watched your partner, child, parent, or dearest friend suffer. Perhaps you’re motivated by global pain and suffering, and, for your own unique reasons, you felt called to be […]

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“back it up”

Listen to this post instead! “Back it up” is like my mantra. It’s a mantra I used to help myself solve cases with my own clients, to support my nutrition team at the Functional Nutrition Alliance Clinic when complex cases stump them, and to guide the practitioners I teach to work with their own clients […]

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Root Cause

Listen to this post instead! The phrase ‘root cause resolution’ gets thrown around a lot these days. And it’s a brilliant expression. It’s one that allows us to think about what might be happening “upstream” that’s causing “downstream” signs, symptoms and even diagnoses. I don’t mean to mix metaphors (trees and streams), but if we […]

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