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Epigenetics: The Impact of Environment on Gene Expression

Learn more about Epigenetics and how environmental factors contribute to the overall health of your clients.

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Functional Nutrition in Practice

In a recent discussion with some Full Body Systems graduates, I asked them to describe what nutrition means to them. Some answers identified the bioindividual approach to care that I teach in Full Body Systems—to go slow and meet patients where they are with their needs for dietary change. And some others discussed nutrients directly—like […]

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Bioindividuality in Practice: Functional Medicine and Nutrition Principles

Bioindividuality in practice In order to truly practice the principles of bioindividuality we need to understand the concept of what—in the Functional Nutrition Alliance community—we call “what’s going on in there?” “What’s going on in there?” is different than what’s supposed to be going on in there, or what the textbooks say is probably going […]

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Listen to this post instead! When we consider a term like root cause, it’s important to understand that, in most cases, it’s more likely about causes (plural) rather than cause (singular). As we adopt a clinically Functional perspective in our approach to addressing the more complex cases that we’re experiencing in increasing numbers in healthcare—and […]

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Influence Your Genes with Epigenetics

Unless you live in a cave, you’ve probably been seduced or even influenced by the powers of uncovering your genetic blueprint. There’s definitely some interesting information to uncover in these tests and the data they provide, but I want to help you cut through the information to what really matters. First, let’s acknowledge that the […]

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what's your gene cuisine?

As a health nut, I know the topic of mastering your destiny to the best of your abilities is of interest you. And that’s why we want to talk genes—what they are, how they manifest and what you can do about them (no matter what the blueprint says). Genetics and “genomics” is the topic of an upcoming (and free) online program hosted by my good friend, James Maskell and the Evolution of Medicine. I’d love to invite you to attend. I think you’ll especially enjoy my talk on epigenetics (the factors that impact your genes), which you’ll receive immediately upon registration!

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when does biography become biology?

Things are hopping in the Replenish virtual halls right now as I'm teaching a series offree workshops for nutrition practitioners called Reframe Nutrition. That teaching has me thinking a lot about one of my favorite quotes: "Your biography becomes your biology". ________________________________________________ If you recently joined me and downloaded my new ebook, Functional Nutrition 101, welcome, I'm so thrilled you're here! Please note that both Replenish PDX and Holistic Nutrition Lab come directly from the desk of Functional Nutritionist (Andrea Nakayama). That's me! And I'm here to provide you with insight and information that will help you on your journey in every aspect of your "practice" of health. Thank you for allowing me to walk by your side.

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