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Non-Negotiables of Functional Nutrition

Paleo Banana Snickerdoodles

If you’ve been following the Paleo diet trend, you’ve probably come across recipes that incorporate bananas into various baked goods. Recently, I decided to conduct a little experiment and research to determine whether bananas, which are often viewed skeptically due to their perceived high sugar content, are worth the hype. First, let’s look at their […]

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Refined Sugar-Free, No-Bake “Donut Holes” Recipe

Do you love a sweet snack but hate the added sugar? I have good news for you! These refined sugar-free, no-bake donut holes are the perfect solution for you to satisfy your cravings while you reduce your dependency on the processed stuff. They’re made with nutrient-dense ingredients like almonds, pecans, and dates, and they’re super […]

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The Connection Between Glycation, Sugar, and Aging from a Functional Nutrition Perspective

We all know that sugar consumption and dysregulated blood sugar can wreak havoc on the body and brain. Yet there are other serious physiological consequences from high sugar intake, some of which are hard to detect until it’s too late. Let’s take a moment to understand glycation and how sugar affects both advanced glycation end […]

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The Importance of Blood Sugar

Blood sugar balance is a standard focus for patients with diabetes, and even those with non-diabetic hypoglycemia, but blood sugar is often overlooked as a cornerstone of care for other health concerns. Longtime readers and Full Body Systems students and grads know how much I stress the importance of addressing blood sugar in practice, whether […]

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Functional Nutrition Tool: Candida Questionnaire

Lately I’ve been diving deep into what I call the Non-Negotiable Trifecta. This Trifecta is composed of the 3 top universal Non-Negotiables of care — sleep, poop, and blood sugar balance. This Non-Negotiable Trifecta is where to start with every client, no matter their signs, symptoms or diagnosis, because each of these 3 areas is […]

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No carb, low carb, night carbs… what’s the deal?

Uncovering how to detect a client’s Non-Negotiables is one of my favorite topics.The Non-Negotiables involve what we call Mediators in Functional Medicine. They’re the things that we know (or can determine) make us feel better or worse. Things like avoiding gluten, or peanuts, or garlic to sidestep digestive distress, or observing a set bedtime or […]

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The truth about the root cause

Recently I introduced you to the Non-Negotiable Trifecta—sleep, poop, and blood sugar balance.I also shared the new Sleep Assessment that we use at the Functional Nutrition Alliance Clinic. These 3 factors (sleep, poop and blood sugar balance) are so critical to resolving any health issue that in our clinic they are assessed and addressed immediately, […]

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The truth about epigenetics (and root causes!)

Last week I introduced the Non-Negotiable Trifecta — sleep, poop, and blood sugar balance. I also shared the new Sleep Assessment that we use in my clinic. These 3 factors (sleep, poop and blood sugar balance) are so critical to resolving any health issue that in our clinic they are assessed immediately, either before or […]

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go ahead…boss your brain around

My mind is often brimming with ideas. But these past few months I've had an especially busy brain—thinking, creating, teaching, problem-solving… Honestly, I thrive with a high-functioning head on my shoulders, (and I bet you might, too!), but it can be exhausting as well—like running a mental marathon. That's why I've turned my focus to bossing my brain around with key nourishment. I've put my brain in training! And I want to invite you to nourish your noggin too…

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Let's Get "Macho"

You're keen on tapping into your body's wisdom and uncovering your best self. You're not ready to put your health completely into anyone else's hands, as you've not found that approach to be very successful in the past. You're ready for the insights that will guide you in your everyday self-care, from your personal-best breakfast choice to your "baddest" beauty rest. Let's face it, you're a bit macho in your know-how about your body! And you deserve to be!

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