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Understanding the Dawn Phenomenon

It’s not uncommon to say one size doesn’t fit-all in relation to shoes, jeans, or even a dietary recommendation. This is especially the case when a client comes our way with a set of concerns that takes some of our favorite foods (literally) off the table. Recently in the FxNA Clinic we met with a […]

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Drink Your Probiotics

Just what does it mean to drink your probiotics? Drinking your probiotics delivers a thirst quenching way to boost the good bacteria or flora in your gut.  Probiotic means “for life.”  Cheers to the good life! But why? What’s so good about the favorable flora? News about the importance of the microbiome is not so […]

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) support guide

updated 07/27/2020 There is so much you can do to positively influence immunity during the COVID-19 pandemic. On this page, we’ve collected some of our favorite resources to help you support yourself, your loved ones, and your clients through these unprecedented times. And be sure to get your hands on the tips I share in […]

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cardamom (and cookies!)

Holidays are often a time of “straying into the bike lane” as I call it. This means eating foods that aren’t generally on my menu, but also will not cause any symptoms that take me away from the gatherings and festivities. “Bike lane” foods are those that I can have sometimes. And, as you can […]

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Cardamom Thumbprint Cookies: A Seasonal Approach to Holistic Nutrition

This week I'm taking our spice focus to the cookie jar! I couldn't help myself. Collections of cookies are showing up in the holiday mail and I'm baking cookies for the Christmas party at my son's school tomorrow night. And, if I'm to be perfectly honest, I'd pass up pie any day for a plate of cookies! They're sweet and cute - like the kittens of dessert. They land in the day like a neat little (well-deserved and perfectly sized) prize...

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The Crucial Role of Terrain in Functional Medicine

Listen to this post instead! The first tenet of Function Medicine and Nutrition – of any functional practice –  is to address the root cause or, as I like to say, the ‘root causes’ (as most conditions are multifactorial). This means that as clinicians we’re not chasing symptoms. We’re not playing “whack a mole.” And […]

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Fennel, Orange, & Lavender Tea, a Functional Beverage to Calm Digestive Disturbances

For many of us, the holidays bring more food and more family, which can both be a lot to digest!  My signature Fennel, Orange, & Lavender Tea is a simple and calming, functional remedy for overstimulation and digestive disturbances over the holidays and beyond. Read on for the recipe. What is fennel?  Fennel is an […]

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Functional Question

Listen to this post instead! A Functional question is a question about the terrain—it’s a question about the person. It’s not a question about the diagnosis. A Functional question uses the principles of Functional empathy as well as the Functional Nutrition Matrix to make inquiries that lead to information about the bioindividuality of the client. […]

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Functional Nutrition Tip: The Truth About Compliance

Listen to this post instead! I’m often asked just how I get my clients to comply with my recommendations. Practitioners want to know how to create compliance even when what they’re asking their clients to do is difficult, complicated, or restrictive. (And let’s be honest, more and more cases are requiring complex steps to find […]

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Functional Nutrition Tip: The Web of Interconnections

Listen to this post instead! I recently returned from a symposium that was focused on the future of Functional Medicine. The event was buzzing with practitioners who’ve realized that working Functionally is the answer. It’s both the answer to our global health crisis AND the answer to our individual desires to do 3 critical things: […]

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