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Functional Nutrition Insights from FxNA


Paleo Banana Snickerdoodles

If you’ve been following the Paleo diet trend, you’ve probably come across recipes that incorporate bananas into various baked goods. Recently, I decided to conduct a little experiment and research to determine whether bananas, which are often viewed skeptically due to their perceived high sugar content, are worth the hype. First, let’s look at their […]

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Functional Nutrition for Sleep Support: Sleep Tight Bedtime Milk with Chamomile, Catnip and Passionflower

Scientifically known as Passiflora incarnata, passionflower has been a trusted herbal ally for centuries throughout the world. Our founder, Andrea Nakayama, knows it as the flower growing up on the side of her home like a weed. Little did she know that the flower would later become a topic of discussion in Full Body Systems, […]

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Functional Nutrition Recipe: Green Tea Poached Salmon and Braised Spinach

Welcome, Functional Nutrition foodies! Today, we’re sharing a recipe by the Functional Nutrition Alliance in partnership with Megan Liebmann, of the Slow Medicine Collective. Developed for one of our signature nutrient-dense dinners, this dish was designed to nourish and detoxify. Functional Nutrition: Fueling your wellness journey Functional Nutrition transcends the outdated notion of counting calories; […]

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Strawberry Coconut Chia Pudding – A Nutrient-Packed Delight

Originally developed as part of a weeklong liver detoxification program, this recipe was created with clarity, focus, intention, lightness, and energy in mind. Invite renewed wellness into your life with Strawberry Coconut Chia Pudding, one delicious and nutrient-packed bowl at a time. The power of chia seeds Chia is an ancient food of Aztec warriors […]

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Alternative Sweetener Conversion Chart

Understanding and utilizing alternative sweeteners is becoming increasingly popular as people seek healthier options for reducing refined sugar consumption. But swapping out traditional granulated sugar with alternative sweeteners in the kitchen can be challenging without guidance. We created this Alternative Sweetener Conversion Chart to make your transition to natural sweeteners easier and more convenient. Follow […]

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Sugar-Free Banana Nice Cream

This Sugar-Free Banana nice cream is a refreshing vegan treat for anyone looking for a healthy, whole-food alternative to store bought ice cream. Why else do we love it? It’s free of artificial ingredients and takes just ten minutes to make. Hint: don’t forget to freeze the bananas beforehand, and a food processor is the […]

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Refined Sugar-Free, No-Bake “Donut Holes” Recipe

Do you love a sweet snack but hate the added sugar? I have good news for you! These refined sugar-free, no-bake donut holes are the perfect solution for you to satisfy your cravings while you reduce your dependency on the processed stuff. They’re made with nutrient-dense ingredients like almonds, pecans, and dates, and they’re super […]

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The Role of Gut Microflora in Candida Overgrowth

I’m a firm believer that you are not what you eat, but what your body can do with what you eat. In other words, you are what your body can break down and absorb.  In many ways you are also the sum of your parts. Sure there’s the usual digestive parts – your mouth and […]

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I'm being interviewed by Lara Adler

I’m going to talk with Lara for her upcoming summit featuring successful health professionals talking about getting results, which will air in 2015. I love a chance to hang out with Lara! Mapping Environmental Inputs with Andrea Nakayama and Guest Host Lara Adler

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holidays with Gilbert and all the grandparents!

Gilbert and I will be in Southern California with my parents, sister, and Isamu’s parents — I’m lucky they all live in the same area!

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