it’s not me, it’s my genes!

By now most of us are aware that the genes we have don’t dictate our health or lack thereof. Most of us are also familiar with the saying “genes load the gun, but environment pulls the trigger”.
Today, I’d like to talk about what, in functional medicine, we call antecedents.
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Your antecedents are your predisposing factors.
Antecedents determine the tendency you might have to express a certain condition. They’re your risk factors. For example, genetic antecedents for breast cancer include the BRCA1 & BRCA2 genes that many of us are now familiar with.
Your antecedents are also congenital and developmental. Gender would be a congenital antecedent and age would be developmental. The onset, severity and outcome of any health crisis will be determined by these factors.
What your antecedents have done for you, and what mine have done for me, is make us vulnerable.

“What makes you vulnerable makes you beautiful.” ~Brene Brown

Sure, it’s easy to get frustrated with the cards you’ve been dealt.
(“Thanks, mom, for the Celiac gene and the propensity for thyroid issues. . . .” “The hips and thighs, they’re thanks to you too, right?”)
It’s also easy to ignore those genes or look outside of ourselves to solve the “problem” once the trigger has been pulled.
Yet being vulnerable, beautifully vulnerable, requires knowing yourself, preparing for the factors you can anticipate, and being willing to make mistakes along the way.
I’ve always been struck reading stories about highly functional individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome. What’s moved me are the ways in which they are aware of what they don’t know or perceive and how they then learn to work around that.
For instance, someone with Asperger’s may not recognize emotion or facial expressions as many of us do. But when most successful, they understand this potential imperfection (or vulnerability) as a fact, and train themselves to detect these social cues to better manage and maneuver through societal expectations.
Being dealt a hand of cards, or having genes that make us vulnerable, does not determine our course. The fault lines may be there, but the map is unwritten.
Genes are not destiny. You have more of a hand in that game than you think!

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And do you see that upper left corner marked ‘antecedents’ on your Functional Nutrition Matrix from the Butterfly Effect workshop? Start writing!
One, two, three. . . go girl!

Last year, at about this time, Andie Jones, one of our advisory nutritionists on the Replenish team, was just a fews days away from giving birth! I had a great conversation with her (all about antecedents) that I invite you to tune into now.
You see, Andie is vulnerable for autoimmune thyroiditis. Her mom has it, her aunt has it. With that knowledge, she did all she could not to pull the trigger on her potentially loaded gun. Tune in, hear more of her plan and consider your own.


Wasn’t that fun?

If you’re a Hashimoto’s girl like me (or a guy or girl with Hashi’s in your family tree), you’ll want to grab these three goodies I have for you now!
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There may not be a cure for your Hashimoto’s, but when you tap into your vulnerabilities, you realize you have more power than you think.
You become less scared of making mistakes or looking for the quick fix. It frees up your state of mind and helps you to reclaim the love of your body. True love.
Genes load the gun, learn how to maneuver the trigger.
Andrea Nakayama
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