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get your digestive system into mint condition

If you've been with me through the past month or so, you know that I've made our summertime communications all about loving our guts with some digestive superfoods near and dear to my core. I've been sharing ideas, ingredients and recipes that not only enliven your seasonal menu, but also support the organ system that so often begs for our attention. Did you know that in Chinese medicine summer is the month of the small intestine? It's the perfect time to bring in some special foods that do double-duty to nourish your insides while tickling your taste buds. And, yeah, it's also a good time for ice cream! Can you guess where we're going with this?

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Tick Tock. . . turn back the hands of time

For the past few years, I’ve hosted a highly effective yet simple Anti-Inflammatory Detox and the results were so fabulous that past participants have been begging me for a repeat performance. It’s not surprising that the email appeals are flowing in. . . Women lost weight. They felt lean. They got stronger. They fit into their summer clothes. […]

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Shining the Light

For the past few days I've been waking up with allergic shiners ~ dark and puffy little bags of skin beneath my eyes. I've also been in California, spending the holiday weekend with my family, celebrating Passover and Easter and my son's spring break. But what's up with the shiners? What's my body telling me & what do they shine the light on for me to see?

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