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Start with the Gut

It's been several months since I've written a Consumer's Report. Please don't let that fool you into believing that I'm not a consumer. Like you, I get caught out-and-about and also just appreciate being able to buy a pre-packaged thing or two that meets my exacting standards and serves my gut intentions. I especially love to get my hands on a product that simultaneously passes the grade, is gratifying to the taste buds and fuels my health. That's what these pages are all about! Today I raise a glass to KeVita, my favorite drink on-the-go.

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Food, Mood, Poop Journal (and the real scoop on poop)

While poop provides some great clues, poop data alone becomes much more relevant when we gather input on food intake as well. That’s why the Food, Mood, Poop Journal is your first step in clinical data capture.

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Psyllium Husk for Husky Poop

Poop is one of our best health diagnostic tools! Today’s gut loving ingredient is meant to bring on the husky: it’s psyllium husk!

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the gut-brain connection

This sneak peek clip is from the Full Body Systems Neuro Intensive. I have so much to share when it comes to the gut-brain connection and brain health.

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Clinical ‘Cause & Effect’ – Don’t Miss it in Your Practice

In your practice you’ll likely encounter clients who are taking prescription medications. We see it all the time in the Functional Nutrition Alliance Clinic. And while it’s not within the scope of our practice at the Functional Nutrition Alliance to advise people whether or not they should be taking pharmaceuticals, it is within our scope […]

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Crohn’s Through a Functional Lens

Crohn’s Disease is classified as autoimmune. As you know, autoimmunity is a condition in which the body produces an immune response against its own tissue constituents. Before we talk more about Crohn’s, let’s put autoimmunity into a bit more context so you and I can both grasp how profoundly this is impacting not just our […]

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gut loving Labor Day – How to!

I don't know about you, but a potluck or barbeque, like those held every Labor Day, can trigger surprising digestive explosions (similar to what you might see in the sky on the 4th of July!). You may know what I mean, but never put any rhyme or reason to it. It's just become, over the years, a part of your independent right to both celebrate and suffer. Today, on the first day of this month of September, as we lean into Labor Day here in the states, I'd like to share my top four tactics for loving Labor Day (and letting it love you).

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the pod that loves your gut

Summer sun, something’s begun But, oh, oh, these summer nights My heart’s all a flutter with the thought of the summer lovin’ to come. Can I tell you more?! No, I’m not about to reveal the details of my love life. (Sorry!) I just love summer. Period. And much of my summer love is all […]

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Love Your Liver

BUT WHY CLEANSE THE LIVER? Your liver is a powerhouse of activity. It's the biggest internal organ in your body and has hundreds of functions. One key role is acting as the gatekeeper for your entire system, filtering all toxins and foreign substances from the bloodstream, breaking them down, and excreting them. Some of the toxic substances that your liver has to contend with are produced right within your body! These include excess hormones and neurotransmitters. Other substances come from your environment ~ what you eat, what you breathe and even what you put on your skin.

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top ten tips to love your liver!

For the past few weeks my mind has been mulling the importance of loving my liver. Maybe it's all the talk about methylation that seems to be permeating my world of functional health of late. (Methylation is a term that speaks to one of the liver's major routes of detoxification and is lately receiving a lot of medical press, as we better understand the impact it's impairment has on myriad aspects of health, from the brain to the immune system to hormone balance and more!) Or maybe, and more so, it's the season that's calling my attention to this large organ of mine. That's right, the season! In ancient Chinese Medicine practices, spring is the season of the liver. . .

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