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Olive You!

For thousands of years and across myriad cultures and mythologies, the olive tree has been synonymous with "peace" and "prosperity." And thus, so are the fruits and oils from this tree. And while olive oil has been used for medicine and beauty for millennia, like all foods, there are some guidelines for keeping your good efforts in check and ensuring that you're inviting the most potent health benefits. In other words, the wrong choices could turn your good intentions into ignorant impairment... I think of olive oil as one of our most potent pain relieving and anti-inflammatory agents.

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autumn gingered stew

Ginger is one of our anti-inflammatory heroes—great for those of us with any inflammatory, autoimmune or chronic health conditions! And prolonged inflammation and consequent tissue damage—whether it be to the digestive system as in IBD or other organ systems, like the nervous system in MS or the thyroid in Hashimoto’s—are signature characteristics of autoimmune conditions. With autoimmunity quickly on the rise, I advocate incorporating our culinary anti-inflammatory medicinals, like ginger, wherever and whenever we can. But it’s not just the immune system that can be helped by this hero. Try this weekend stew and be sure to read on to glean all of ginger’s goodness....

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The Anti-Inflammatory Context

Context vs. Strategy For years now I've called myself a "contextualist". I claimed the name far before doing the work I do now. What I learned for myself early on was this: Context matters. Without context and the understanding of why, why wouldn't a million other things get in the way of me making change and moving forward? And why would I ever venture to make dietary alterations or stick to them? You likely can relate. . . The strategy for upgrading your diet and supporting your health may have been laid out before you by numerous books, articles, even health care practitioners. You know something's gotta shift. Yet you're stalled. There's something that prevents you from taking action. This happens time and time again. The evasion itself has become exhausting! And I'd like to propose why. . .

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