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Full Body Systems Graduate Spotlight: Jacqui Bryan

Jacqui Bryan is a Registered Nurse (RN) with extensive training in western medicine and over ten years of practice under her belt. When she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer, she experienced the GAPs that exist in our healthcare system. She journeyed to learn more about nutrition and a holistic approach to […]

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Be Aware and Act Flax!

While October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, that does not mean that our awareness and action should be relegated to one month out of the year. This is especially true because several types of cancer, as well as low thyroid function, and a host of other signs and symptoms, have one big thing in common that deserves our attention…

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Connecting the Dots with Functional Lab Results

Looking at functional lab results like a constellation will help you determine your client's health problems.

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No carb, low carb, night carbs… what’s the deal?

Uncovering how to detect a client’s Non-Negotiables is one of my favorite topics.The Non-Negotiables involve what we call Mediators in Functional Medicine. They’re the things that we know (or can determine) make us feel better or worse. Things like avoiding gluten, or peanuts, or garlic to sidestep digestive distress, or observing a set bedtime or […]

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