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say aloha to aloe

This week's gut lovin' ingredient provides soothing support: and it helps you say aloha to easeful elimination it's aloe! You're likely familiar with the idea of putting aloe on your outer skin to soothe either a sunburn or an inopportune encounter with some fire—from the stovetop, the fireplace or your campground dinner. (I've always got a bottle in our house in both Portland and Hawaii.) But can aloe actually provide some benefits for that internal skin as well?

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slip into summer with this gut lovin' super herb

In our clinical practice we're always looking to find the root cause of symptoms. That usually means starting with the gut. Since most digestion and absorption happens right in that organ, it needs to be in good repair. And repair we can! This is why we've been focusing on our gut lovin' foods all summer. We're getting right to the root of the matter, giving you the foods to clean and restore your ultimate gatekeeper. This week's summer lovin' ingredient is all bark and no bite...

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