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go ahead. . . sow your wild oats!

There are ingredients we can include in our daily menus that have impact. And this summer I'm on a mission to talk food as medicine… As you may know, a few weeks ago I introduced the summer gut lovin' challenge. It's an easy challenge. It basically involves trying out some surprising culinary ingredients that help your gut do it's job a bit better. Today's summer lovin' ingredient is a new twist on an old favorite... it may surprise you coming from a mostly grain-free girl like me!

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chicory root remedy

I want to express my gratitude for the gut loving fun we've had together through the dog days of summer. We've traversed the twists and turns of the small intestine with one ingredient after another for weeks now, exploring my favorite superfoods for root cause remedy. Today's no different as I have a new ingredient to reveal… This week's summer lovin' ingredient gets to the root of it: and might just cure your coffee cravings...

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pick a peck of pectin (birthday recipe share!)

This weekend, as it's my birthday, I wanted to make this dose of GI goodness as sweet as possible. I want to invite you to celebrate and honor with me! This week's summer lovin' ingredient is only skin deep: and it's as sweet as homemade jam it's pectin! If you've ever tried your hand at making homemade jam, you've likely heard of pectin. It's the powdery substance that thickens and gels your strawberries or peaches into sticky jelly or jam. But what does pectin have to do with gut lovin'?

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