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shore up your stomach

What I see, time and time again for the Functional Nutrition Alliance clients and customers is that when these connections are made, when there’s finally a reason why a particular sign or symptom is not being addressed by a standard treatment, that it brings relief, insight and the freedom to find a more clear path toward their unique recovery. I want to help you make these important connections too. And today I want to help you connect your thyroid to…your stomach! That’s right, the way to your thyroid health (or one way anyway) is through your stomach. Let’s consider just a couple of reasons why this may be so...

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The cold-hard truth about symptoms

I'm just going to come right out and say it: symptoms suck. Symptoms like waking up tired, feeling run down, struggling with bowel dis-regularity or sudden skin issues can possess you, monopolize your thoughts and behavior and prescribe you to a life that falls outside of your dreams and potential. Yet symptoms can also be your dependable GPS, the internal system that provides direction and key information in all conditions. The process of going from the suck to the sympathetic doesn't happen overnight. It comes first from the fortitude to seek explanation. Why do those symptoms not just persist but dominate, despite your best efforts to do what you know to address them?

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