I just had to share this…
It’s a saying I once read in a Christiane Northrup book and you’re going to love it.
It goes like this:
“Men and women will never be equal until a woman can be bald and have a potbelly and still be considered good-looking.”
That got me thinking about the connection between the way we women feel in our bodies and our appetite or passion for sex.
It’s a catch-22.
And at the root of it all is an army of hormones.

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Earlier this week, I invited you to the Tipping the Scales Series, a 3-part video series where we’ll explore what I like to call the symphony of hormones and consider which ones you may have bypassed in your journey to renewed health, no matter your age, your weight, your health challenges or your gender.
Through the series we’ll be working our way toward a problem you may have heard about—a problem that’s likely impacting your ability to achieve your goals. It’s called estrogen dominance.
And today, I’ve got the first video and my hormone honing handout, the ‘Get it Up’ Quick Guide, listing my top 3 three favorite foods to help keep weight down and sex drive up ready to go for you!

Tipping the Scale: How Estrogen Dominance is Influencing your Health,
Happiness & Weight Loss Goals and What to Do About It

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Hormones are secreted from various organs and glands throughout the body in varying degrees throughout the day, throughout the month, and throughout your lifespan. And these shifts and fluctuations have one principal ruler that I introduce you to in that first video…
It’s the brain!
That’s a funny coincidence because it’s also your brain that provides a sense of how you feel about yourself. There are many who say that for women the biggest sexual organ in the body is…you guessed it, the brain!
Dr. Daniel Amen says:
“Even though it feels genital, the vast majority of love and sex occurs in the brain.”
And what that means is that it’s the cascade of hormones dancing through the body and brain with constant variance, starting with those excreted in the noggin, that can wreak havoc on someone’s sex life.

Did you know?

  • Learn to address the telltale signs of estrogen dominance in this free 3-part video series by functional nutritionist Andrea Nakayama.Diminished sex drive in women when they reach their 30’s or 40’s is notuncommon, but IS reversible.
  • The more sex you have, the more sex drive you have. This is due to the release of hormones that come with the feelings of love, commitment, connection and, yes, orgasm.
  • Many hormones are involved in sexual desire, this includes all of your sex hormones – estrogen (which primes the brain) and progesterone and testosterone (which turn up the heat).
  • An imbalance or deficiency in any of the primary hormones can cause decreased sex drive (and often increased weight gain, leading to that unfortunate catch-22).

The bad news is that more and more of us women are experiencing hormonal imbalances like estrogen dominance that are influenced by diet, stress (internal, like chronic infections and external, like the house, the car, the kids and the bills), and environmental factors.
The good news is that we can make changes, right now and every single day to tip the scale of that hormonal balancing act to propel sex drive up (and weight loss down).
Sexy is in your brain.
Sexy is affected by your hormones.
Not only can understanding and working with the hierarchy of hormones help to return the luster of your hair and the reduction of your belly fat, but it can help you to get back in the groove, even if you’re bald and have a potbelly.
If he can do it, we can too.
It’s time to balance the scale—of both your hormones and of the cultural gender perceptions of sexy. Watch the first video in the Tipping the Scale series to start the process immediately.
To hormone happiness and good health!