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Why the Functional Nutrition Alliance

Functional Nutrition is the future of healthcare, and we have the most comprehensive, practical, and heart-centered training program on the market. Join us to learn the true science and art of the Functional Nutrition practice.

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We teach you Functional Nutrition

Functional Nutrition helps the body to function at its best. It’s a modality that works not just to support, but to educate the patient on what’s going on in their body, what factors may have contributed to their current condition, and how to make uniquely targeted diet and lifestyle modifications that help them to meet their goals.

What makes Functional Nutrition functional?

Functional Nutrition has its success rooted in these principles:

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Therapeutic Partnership

We train you in the art of the therapeutic partnership. These partnerships exist between patient and practitioner, with various practitioners on the patient’s health and medical teams, and between the patient and their own body. Helping your clients understand how their bodies function is a highly underutilized method for intervention. Creating therapeutic partnerships increases compliance, bolsters clinical outcomes, and ultimately empowers the patient to gain back control of their health.

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Root cause resolution

In Functional Nutrition, we don’t chase symptoms. We address the underlying root causes of any sign, symptom or disease state. We focus on both the current health challenges and the comprehensive history that lead to their condition. This allows us to uncover and address all factors that may be contributing to disease and dysfunction in the body. And ultimately this approach leads to the most sustainable health outcomes.

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A Full Body Systems approach

Diet and lifestyle changes make the biggest impact when you understand the biological systems in the body, and recognize how they interconnect. The methodology you learn in Full Body Systems is systems-based. This means that we opt for frameworks over formulas, and individualized recommendations over blanket prescriptions. Our Practitioner Mastery Toolkit provides all the tools you need to work with the people you’re eager to help so that you don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

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Full Body Systems

Learn to change lives with targeted nutrition and lifestyle support

Full Body Systems is our signature training program. In this 10-month online immersion program, you’ll learn everything you need to know to use nutrition and lifestyle modification to change lives.

What makes us different

A systems-based approach to nutrition, a heart based approach to patient care

Full Body Systems has launched the successful careers of thousands of coaches and clinicians across the globe. That’s because our unique training methods teach you:

  • How each of the body systems work (and how they all work together!)

  • How to effectively educate your clients about their body, and how diet and lifestyle can positively impact their unique symptoms

  • How to ask the right questions so that you can discover the underlying causes of your clients’ issues

  • How to create personalized plans and recommendations for your clients that they want to follow, so the diet and lifestyle changes you advise actually happen!

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Receive mentorship from Andrea Nakayama

We’re the leader in the field because we go beyond information to provide you with added inspiration and practical application. Founder of the Functional Nutrition Alliance and creator of Full Body Systems, Andrea Nakayama, is a thought leader in Functional Nutrition and patient-centered care. She’s an accomplished clinician, and an educator whose teaching style goes beyond information and dry data. Andrea is a gifted storyteller who adds inspiration and context into her instruction. She models how you can do the same with your clients. This combination of practical science and the art of the practice sets our graduates apart and enables them to become a go-to resource in their community and area of interest.Andrea is the creator and core instructor for all of our programs at the Functional Nutrition Alliance. Throughout Full Body Systems you will have access to Andrea and her hand-picked team of Nutrition professionals, with their support and mentorship via live Q&A’s and on our community Message Board.

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Gain access to insights from our nutrition clinic

In the Functional Nutrition Alliance Clinic we walk our talk, putting all that we teach into practice with a select client population. And our clinical staff serves both patients and practitioners, providing guidance and mentorship within the Full Body Systems curriculum.This gives our Functional Nutrition Training program an edge. We go beyond theory – we teach you exactly how to put the science, systems, and tools into practice with your clients right away.

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Teaching you how to fill critical gaps in healthcare

Chronic illness has become an epidemic. The current healthcare system, while adept at working in certain areas of care, has not been able to address the growing population of people with autoimmune conditions and other chronic illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, and other undiagnosed or unresolved health challenges.

There are multiple GAPS in healthcare that result in the suffering of millions of people worldwide.

Full Body Systems, our 10-Month training program in the science and art of Functional Nutrition, equips you to identify these gaps for your clients, and support them by filling those gaps!

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Fill the Knowledge Gap

Truly educate clients about what is going on in their bodies and how they can use diet, lifestyle and habit change effectively and practically to achieve their desired health outcomes.

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Fill the Appointment Gap

Provide support for your clients who are given little guidance regarding what to do in between their visits with health and medical professionals.

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Fill the Trust Gap

Become a trusted partner on your clients journey, as they learn to understand their signs, symptoms, and diagnoses and modify their choices to best support themselves.

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Fill the Advocacy Gap

Empower your clients to ask the right questions of their healthcare providers, to get the care they need and deserve.

Become a Functional Nutrition Counselor!

Full Body Systems graduates become Functional Nutrition Alliance Certified Functional Nutrition Counselors. As a Functional Nutrition Counselor you will be prepared to work in therapeutic partnership with your clients or patients to uncover and address the root causes of their issues using proven systems and tools that embrace diet and lifestyle modifications as the core modalities of their everyday self-care. 

Functional Nutrition Counselors fill the gaps in healthcare that are not being filled by other practitioners. They work to both support and educate their clients and patients about what’s going on in their bodies and how making uniquely targeted diet and lifestyle modifications will shift the terrain and help them reach their health goals.

How becoming a Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor (CFNC) can transform your practice

Functional Nutrition is a unique modality that uses diet and lifestyle modification to address the foundational root causes of patients and clients’ suffering. Practitioners of all types — from medical doctors to health coaches — are successfully using Functional Nutrition in their practices and in their communities. 

  • Functional Nutrition Counselors can work in doctors’ offices, wellness clinics, and as independent practitioners, seeing clients in-person or online.

  • Many Functional Nutrition Counselors also teach classes and workshops both in their communities and online.

  • Functional Nutrition Counselors often create connections with other health practitioners, working together as a team to support their clients. This reflects one of the 3 main tenets of Functional Nutrition — creating Therapeutic Partnerships.

"Full Body Systems is the whole reason I have a practice. The support is amazing. And the tools, the knowledge, the confidence, and the people I’ve met. It’s just a really cool community led by a cool woman and I’m honored to be a part of it."


"Studying under Andrea’s mentorship has given me the skills and knowledge to speak to other practitioners with confidence. I’m able to engage in peer-level communication with practitioners, and I’m helping them shift their paradigm of thinking about the way patients are treated."


"My practice has transformed because I have transformed. After Full Body Systems, I found a new level of confidence in myself and in my work. In all honesty, I haven’t done any marketing, and I now have a waiting list!"


Sign up for a free training series to help you begin practicing functionally today!

In this free training with Andrea Nakayama, you will learn her groundbreaking approach to root cause resolution for chronic conditions. It’s full of practical tips and insights into the nature of health, disease, and your unique role in the healthcare revolution.

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