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A Functional Nutrition Approach to Lab Testing

Learning how to read lab’s can be a great benefit to your coaching career. But is it a requirement for success?

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Helping Alzheimer’s Patients with Cognitive Decline: Plugging the Metaphorical Holes in the Roof

Learn how functional medicine is helping Alzheimer’s patients improve their cognitive decline.

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Functional Nutrition Tip: The Power of STORY

If I were to ask you how you got interested in the field of nutrition, you’d likely tell me a story. Maybe you were sick. Or you watched your partner, child, parent, or dearest friend suffer. Perhaps you’re motivated by global pain and suffering, and, for your own unique reasons, you felt called to be […]

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Functional Nutrition Tool: Sleep Assessment

Sleep is what I call a “Non-Negotiable.” It must be addressed. Right away. In fact, one of the principles that helped me solve the “unsolvable” cases and help guide people to resolution even when they’d been everywhere and done everything is this: If they’re not sleeping, pooping, and their blood sugar isn’t stable, you (as […]

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How a Functional Nutritionist Can Help You Manage Stress for Better Digestion

Understanding the link between stress and digestion If you’ve ever experienced the sensation of butterflies in your stomach, you’re familiar with the connection between acute stress and short-term digestive sensations. And yet chronic stress can have a profound impact on your overall digestive health. Chronic stressors that affect digestion can take many forms, like systemic […]

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Clinical Cause & Effect – Putting your Functional Nutrition Certification into Practice

In your practice, you’ll likely encounter clients who are taking prescription medications. We see it all the time in the Functional Nutrition Alliance Clinic. And while it’s not within our scope of practice to advise people on pharmaceuticals as Functional Nutritionists or Functional Nutrition Counselors, it is within our scope to help clients understand cause […]

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Understanding Mucosal Tolerance: Lessons from a Nutritionist

Several years ago, when attending live seminars was still a regular occurrence, I spent the day in an air-conditioned basement-level hotel conference room in San Francisco. While being inside on a sunny Sunday isn’t at the top of my list of things to do – the opportunity for continued education and learning from one of […]

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On Our Minds: At-Home Allergy Testing

As we see more and more people experiencing unresolved signs and symptoms, it becomes easy to understand the allure of at-home testing, and the promise that testing will not only reveal a root cause of suffering, but provide a quick-fix solution. The conversation surrounding the use of at-home allergy testing for food sensitivities continues to […]

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Flaxseed and Estrogen Dominance: A Recipe for Hormonal Harmony

While October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, that does not mean that our awareness and action should be relegated to one month out of the year. This is especially true because several types of cancer, as well as low thyroid function, and a host of other signs and symptoms, have one big thing in common that deserves our attention…

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Be the BOSS of your Brain

My brain is always bursting with ideas, and it can be exhausting. That’s why I’ve been turning my focus to nourishing my brain health and you can too! Let’s get brainy!

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