Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner Certification (FNLP)


This practicum program provides a deep dive into the methods that lead to mastery in your Functional Nutrition Practice. This course is only for graduates of Full Body Systems.

Step into the true mastery of Functional Nutrition Counseling

The Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner (FNLP) Certification Course is a 4-month practicum for Full Body Systems Graduates. In it, you will gain the skills, direct mentorship and a brilliant community that you need to become even more of the agent of change that you want to be.

Upon completion of this program, you will have a level of mastery that you might not even realize is possible right now. FNLP graduates come away with tremendous confidence and many say they feel this program transformed the way they viewed themselves in clinical practice.


Mastery enables you to set yourself apart! This program will give you the ability to…

navigate complex cases

You will learn a system for practice and have hands-on, practical experience with the systems and tools.

partner with another practitioner

You’ll spend the program working in partnership with an assigned partner—another practitioner in the program.

stand out as a leader

Learn to position yourself as a nutrition counselor who can make connections nobody has been able to make.

inspire eagerness in clients

You will get to study nuances in Andrea’s client conversations that will model how intuition & mastery lead to amazing outcomes.

receive in-depth mentorship

You will practice communicating your ideas, insights and inquiries effectively in class and in key postings on the FNLP Message Board.

join a thriving community

The community, mentorship and encouragement that you will receive will be transformational. You don’t need to go it alone!

functional nutrition practitioner training

What does it mean to be an FNLP?

As a Full Body Systems graduate you’re already a crucial partner in the healthcare revolution, and this program was created to guide you through the next steps to fulfill your potential as a practitioner and make the impact you truly want to make.

Being an FNLP means you have Andrea’s stamp of approval. It means you’ll be part of an exclusive group of practitioners who are committed to changing the way we do healthcare. You’ll have a group of dedicated, like-minded peers who will support you as you go forward in your career.

Become an FxNA Certified Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Practitioner

Program Details

It’s time to become the Functional Nutrition Counselor you’ve always wanted to be—to know your value and trust yourself completely.

Pricing & Terms


At FxNA we are committed to truth, excellence, and making a real difference in the lives of our clients. The goal of the FNLP certification program is to be filled with people who share this mission and Andrea’s passion for Functional Nutrition, and who are out in the field working with clients and making a real difference in people’s lives and, in so doing, in healthcare.

To participate in the program:

  • you need to be a graduate of Full Body Systems
  • be currently working with clients
  • and have a desire to make an even bigger difference


The Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Practitioner Training is a 4 month curriculum that includes:

1. Weekly sessions

  • Office Hours with Andrea involving training and Q&A about Practitioner Mastery topics
  • Client Session review and discussion with peers and the FxNA Nutrition Team
  • Deep dives with Andrea and the nutrition team into the use of key practice tools (Matrix, Timeline, Client Action Form)
  • Practice Development Q&As with the FxNA Nutrition Team to enable you to attract more clients and grow your practice

2. Partnered and solo homework

  • Practice Matrix sessions using your very own cases
  • Mining content for clinical pearls and Functional revelations

3. Final requirements

  • Completion of FNLP written exam
  • Case study oral exam

The Practitioner Mastery Paradigm

The Practitioner Mastery Paradigm has 8 prongs that interconnect and influence each other, just like the systems within the body. You need all 8 to be a true Functional Nutrition Master, and you’ve made great strides already!

FxNA practitioner mastery

You learned the first levels of Empathy and Leadership in Reframe.
Then we dove into Nutrition Skills, Symbiosis, and Anatomy & Physiology in Full Body Systems. Plus we added Problem Solving into your prowess, along with the Art of Counseling.

The next deep dive is to become so proficient with the Functional tools and systems that it will seem like answers just appear for you. Your intuition as a master practitioner will be awakened. Dots will seem to connect themselves. New ways of looking at problems and cases will become natural to you.

Because of this, you’ll have unshakable confidence that you can handle whatever comes your way. You’ll also know that you can put yourself out there—for speaking engagements, partnerships with physicians, and more.

This is mastery.

Bonus Content

You know Andrea Nakayama always likes to include valuable bonuses for you, and this program is no exception. Expect thoughtful resources that will support you in your Functional Nutrition practice, and enrich your experience with the curriculum.

  • Access to FBS for a full year, no matter your graduation date
  • Monthly office hours with Andrea around specific Practitioner Mastery topics that enable you to take your practices up a big notch
  • Become a member of Andrea’s innermost circle which gives you the benefit of being the first to know about any new insights from Andrea including new opportunities, partnerships, or resources that can benefit you and your practice.
  • Access to Power Your Practice with Empathy—the stand-alone program that teaches you how to work with bio-individuality, how to ask the right questions to reveal the root causes, and more!
  • Bonus trainings on how to navigate complex cases (this is what physicians need help with!)

Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Practitioner Certification

The program will give you the title of FxNA Certified Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner (FNLP). People across the globe will know that you aren’t just another nutrition professional. You’re one of a select number of practitioners who’s received direct mentorship from Andrea Nakayama and that you will have a high-level stamp of approval for your abilities to work in systems, create powerful partnerships and practice root cause resolution.

You’ll be able to set yourself apart!

functional nutrition and lifestyle practitioner

Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Practitioner Certification Course Pricing

Tuition for the Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner Program and Certification is $3,497. Once we have accepted your application, you can choose to invest in full or select a low financing option. Because of the intimate nature of this program, you must apply so that we can ensure that this program will be a good fit for you and your goals.

  • The non-refundable application fee is $150, due at time of application. If accepted, the $150 will be applied toward the program fee. The investment for the FNLP Certification Program is $3497. Your $150 application fee will be applied to the program fee, so you’ll then be able to choose between either one payment of $3347 or 3 monthly payments of $1231 each.

We will only be accepting a limited number of applicants for the FNLP Certification Program. The group works cohesively together, and it’s important to us that we keep it intimate.

For this reason, we ask that you apply only if you are certain that this is the next step for you, and you are able to commit to the program fee. Because of the high demand we expect for this program, we ask that you commit within 48 hours of acceptance by completing your first payment.

The potential for mastery is in you. Give this program your all, and you will elevate yourself and your career to a level beyond what you thought was possible.

Let’s do this!

Refund Policy

We understand that life circumstances change and that complications arise, but this is a sought-after program with a limited number of seats.

You may request to withdraw from the program with a full refund (minus the $150 application fee) up to three days prior to the start of the program.


We want for us to be an active FNLP community, well versed in the principles and practices of Functional Nutrition Alliance. Further, we want to know that any referrals that may occur of a certified FNLP to an inquiring physician will be with active and committed practitioners.
For this reason, there will be an annual recertification requirement one year after you’ve received your certification. This includes participation in and entry to FBS, access to any FNLP bonus sessions, the community, and the monthly graduate Office Hours with Andrea, and an annual recertification fee of $400.
These terms may be subject to change as we determine the recertification needs of the FNLP community.

Why you’ll love this Advanced Practicum

  • Mentorship with Andrea Nakayama more than any other program, you will receive high-level guidance from Andrea, and will become a part of her inner circle (along with other incredible FNLP practitioners) that will receive monthly intimate mentorship from Andrea.

  • Community of dedicated and like-minded Functional Nutrition practitioners that will likely become your support network for years to come

  • Recorded counseling sessions with real clients so that you can hear exactly how Andrea and the FxNA Nutrition Team talks to patients so you can apply the same techniques in your sessions (This is the Art of Counseling in practice!)

  • Dedicated coaching via sessions focused on Practice Development where you can receive feedback and help on any aspect of your practice—from attracting more clients to business struggles.

  • Private FNLP message board where you can ask questions, get feedback, and search for answers as well as engage in high-level conversation and information sharing with an elite group of peers

Meet your Mentors

You’ll learn from our team of skilled and compassionate healers, who use our signature systems and tools to support complex clients daily in the Functional Nutrition Alliance Clinic.

Andrea Nakayama Founder and Lead Instructor

Functional Medicine Nutritionist, Andrea Nakayama

Andrea Nakayama is the founder and heart of the Functional Nutrition Alliance! Andrea is a Functional Medicine Nutritionist and educator, leading thousands of clients, students, and practitioners around the world in a revolution reclaiming ownership over their own health. Andrea is a gifted educator and has a knack for making complex concepts easy to understand (and therefore easy to relay to your own clients). Her use of frameworks and stories is incredibly powerful, making her teachings beloved by our students and other thought-leaders in fields of Functional and Integrative Medicine and Nutrition. Andrea is also the producer of the award-winning podcast, the 15-Minute Matrix.

Meet Andrea

Our Nutrition Experts

Sandra Brougher functional nutrition alliance faculty

Sandra Brougher

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Brandin Roa functional nutrition alliance faculty

Brandin Roa

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Love notes from the FNLP Community!

I am more confident in the way I work. I use the tools of Functional Nutrition more efficiently and effectively, which I can already see is elevating my level of practice. I love being part of this wonderful community.

Tali Moshe

The content, mentorship, support, and community within FNLP is like nothing else out there. All of the expectations I had about FNLP were exponentially exceeded. After completing FNLP, I feel more engaged in my work, with greater clarity of my mission and purpose.

Mindy Gorman-Plutzer

Being an FNLP is an amazing opportunity to be a part of something bigger. It’s an opportunity to change our environment, our communities and the world! I’m honored to be a part of this movement and I’m eager to continue to create change wherever I go.

Monica Paz

FNLP has stretched and empowered me in ways I never expected, and has provided me the most amazing community of like minded practitioners to converse, grow and move forward with.

Gail Williams

FNLP allows you to put all the steps you learn in FBS together, while having a team guiding you in a practical way. It is a great opportunity for insight and reflection. This course and community have been so valuable to me and my growth as a practitioner.

Robyn Spens

I feel that the title of FNLP and being affiliated with Andrea’s program provides me with extra credibility when meeting other medical professionals. Rather than be in the midst of the numerous health coaches, I feel I have that professional edge when presenting to another colleague in the functional medicine community.

Christine Shin


Join the FNLP Community!

The potential for mastery is in you. Give this program your all, and you will elevate yourself and your career to a level beyond what you thought was possible. Let’s do this!