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Elevate your successes in practice and revolutionize healthcare for the people that need it most

Learn the personalized approach to nutrition

We teach you a systems-based approach to nutrition. Get to the root causes of your clients’ issues, no matter their signs, symptoms or diagnoses, by utilizing our functional nutrition frameworks that WORK.

What sets our training apart:


Learn to think in systems with the tools that allow you to practice a truly personalized approach to nutrition


With Functional Medicine Nutritionist Andrea Nakayama and her team of functionally trained nutritionists


Programs are 100% online with workshops, case studies, and Q&A’s with Andrea Nakayama and our team of nutritionists


Our frameworks and tools are developed based on insights from our cutting edge online nutrition clinic


Many students call this community the professional family they didn’t know they needed!


Become a Functional Nutrition Alliance Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor and finally be able to serve those clients that just aren’t getting better

Functional Nutrition Alliance Gets to the Roots

Functional Nutrition Alliance Benefits

Help the body to function at its best

Functional Nutrition uses the principles of root cause resolution, taking a full body systems approach to health. This modality prepares you to educate your clients about what’s going on in their body and what factors may have contributed to their current condition, so that support is targeted to help them to best meet their goals.

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Boost your client outcomes

You will learn our systems approach to health and nutrition which will prepare you to work with any client that comes through your door – no matter their symptoms or diagnosis. Boost outcomes, referrals, and revenue with Functional Nutrition.

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The systems we use in our Nutrition Clinic

We teach what we preach. The Functional Nutrition Alliance Clinic is where we’ve put everything that we bring to you in our professional curriculum to the test with the clients that are seeking our nutrition recommendations.

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Functional Nutrition is the future of healthcare, not because it’s new or fancy, but because it brings us back to the foundation of what healthcare should be about — the needs of the patient.

– Andrea Nakayama, Functional Medicine Nutritionist and Founder of the Functional Nutrition Alliance

Full Body Systems

Our signature training in Functional Nutrition

Full Body Systems, our 10-month practitioner training program is for coaches and clinicians, practitioners and aspiring practitioners, who want to get breakthrough results with every client by harnessing the powers of Functional Nutrition.


What Full Body Systems graduates have to say

I work as a nurse in a community mental health setting, and this training has truly changed how I practice psychiatry.

Psychiatric Nurse

This investment paid for itself ten-fold as I am now able to partner with functional doctors who send me referrals.

Health Coach

One of my go-to learning places. If you want to take your practice to the next level of excellence, you don’t want to pass this opportunity up.

Health & Wellness Coach

I cannot believe how much I learned from FBS. I have a Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition, and I found these classes offer more practical and clinical information.

Health Coach
Andrea Nakayama Founder and Lead Instructor

Meet Andrea Nakayama

Our founder, Functional Medicine Nutritionist Andrea Nakayama, blends the latest insights from Functional Medicine and Functional Nutrition into the training curriculum as well as our clinical practice for optimal outcomes. Andrea is a gifted educator, with an exceptional talent for turning complex concepts into practical insights – so, that you can put the latest thinking in Functional Nutrition to practice, right away.

Meet Andrea

Catch the latest

15 – Minute Matrix Podcast

The award-winning podcast that brings you bite-sized insights from thought-leaders in Functional Medicine on how to embrace the wisdom of the most important tool in Functional Nutrition. Hosted by Andrea Nakayama.

Functional Nutrition Alliance Blog

A treasure trove of guidance for how to put functional nutrition into practice. The Functional Nutrition Alliance blog ranges in topics from Functional Nutrition Counseling Best Practices to inspiration for Diet and Lifestyle Support.

Functional Nutrition Counseling for Clinicians

Andrea Nakayama shares incredible insights for how to work through tough client cases, navigate industry challenges, and have successes building your Functional Nutrition Counseling practice. Watch on YouTube.

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