When I first laid eyes on the Functional Nutrition Matrix, I was struck by its untapped potential.

I’d been looking for ways to map out the details and bits of information that I hold in my head and in chart notes related to complex client cases.

And I’d been hearing repeatedly from students in Functional Nutrition Lab about the dilemma of where to begin care. Confessions like…

I’m glad to learn I’m not the only one who has difficulty figuring out where to start first with these complicated cases…I get swept away in the tsunami of symptoms and info!

(That quote is taken right from a discussion thread on the Functional Nutrition Lab Message Board entitled ‘Differences between symptoms of SIBO, leaky gut, candida, dysbiosis, low acid’—a question that many a practitioner has asked, and that lead to a lively and fruitful discussion!)

If you’ve already listened to the Reframe Nutrition audios, you know that I’ve transformed the Functional Medicine Matrix into a tool that’s ripe for our use as allied functional medicine practitioners. This is a tool that is not just to be considered in theory, but put into practice.

And it works!

My team of nutritionists uses this tool every single day.

It helps us organize, collect and, most importantly, strategize the next move that will be most effective for our clients success (and, by proxy, our own!).

You’ll start to see the pieces of each client puzzle come together more easily when you begin to use the Functional Nutrition Matrix in your practice.

Click here to check out Reframe Nutrition if you haven’t already, or head over to your Class Portal to tune-in now.

Here’s what the Matrix looks like:

The functional nutrition matrix by Andrea Nakayama

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If you haven’t tuned in to Reframe Nutrition yet, you may look at the Matrix and wonder…how the heck does that work?

I get it! It does have a lot of pieces.

But the simplicity and effectiveness of this tool will become apparent once you listen to the Reframe Nutrition Workshop Series. (Right, fellow Reframers?!)

In this virtual workshop, that you can join from your very own home and start immediately, I’ll teach you exactly how to tap into the potential of this key functional nutrition tool, start to practice using it, and put it to work for you tomorrow.

You can read all about the workshop and reserve your seat by clicking right here!

Whether you like to hold information in your head or you’re more of an on-paper problem solver, the Functional Nutrition Matrix will help you resolve cases more quickly and easily.

I created the Functional Nutrition Matrix to enable you to:

  • Map the terrain—that tsunami of symptoms and info that the student above mentioned is the new norm and I want you to be able to capture it all and still know where to begin care!
  • Strategize client cases—this Matrix allows you to see where you’re going, where you (or your client) has been, and whether anything has been overlooked in the protocol or recommended therapeutics that will improve your results
  • Help more people—you’ll find that the Matrix frees up your mind to do the problem solving, since you no longer have to hold so many client or patient cases in your head. The ease and organization of the Matrix also increases your capacity to help more people
  • Find the root cause of your clients’ suffering—mapping and strategizing client cases with this tool illuminates the root cause and creates increased rates of sustainable resolution

This tool is truly one of the secrets to my success, which is why I want to share it with you!


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