The Core Creed of Health

No matter what diet you follow or what theories of health you subscribe to, it really does come down to one core creed for all of us.

It’s the health of your gut.

If I was left on a desert island and told to choose one thing to focus on to help my immunity, mental health and resilience in these foreign conditions, it would be obvious.

It’s the health of my gut.

That’s why I’m super excited to be one of sixteen expert speakers in this upcoming free online seminar:

Gut Rebuilding Experts Event


Summer Bock’s Gut Rebuilding Online Conference: 16 Experts Show You How to Heal Your Belly, Increase Your Energy and Get Rid of Bloating, Constipation and Discomfort!


This is truly the core creed and you don’t want to miss it.

In my discussion with Summer I talk about balancing immunity with good flora (this information is definitely of interest if you have any autoimmune conditions like me!).

And Summer asked me some key questions that I was eager to address, like:

  • What is functional nutrition?

  • What does gut health have to do with our immune health?

  • What does our immune system have to do with weight gain, fatigue and brain fog?

  • What happens when that system really goes awry?

  • What are your top recommendations for restoring gut health to address weight gain, fatigue, brain fog and immune health?

You can register now and get in on the fun (we really did have fun.)

Here are the details:
Fermentation expert and my friend and colleague Summer Bock is interviewing 16 experts who are leaders in the field of digestion, nutrition, and health – myself included – in one week-long virtual conference that will illuminate cutting edge approaches to boosting energy and healing the body.

You’re going to love this!

The best news is that it doesn’t cost anything if you sign up in advance.

It’s the Gut Rebuilding Experts Online Conference!

What: The collective knowledge and experience of some of the most respected healers laser focused into a habit-breaking, energy-making online conference.

Who: Summer Bock is your host, joined by 15 experts in the field. . .
Marc David
Sally Fallon
Sandor Katz
Alex Jamieson
Dr. Sara Gottfried
Andrea Nakayama (me!)
Rebekah Borucki
Daniel Vitalis
Jena La Flamme
Terri Cole
Holli Thompson
Elizabeth Anderson
Hannah Crum
Alex Hovzen
Kathryn Lukas

When: November 11th-15th (Put it in your calendar now!)

How much: Nothing. There’s absolutely no charge to attend.

Where: Register by clicking right here!

If you know Summer, you know that she’s not only all about gut health, but also that she does it with a whole lot of fun and flavor that I know you’re going to enjoy. We had a blast!

I’d love for you to join us for this incredible event . . .

And I can’t wait to see you there!



P.S. You know I’m careful to only recommend resources that I trust will help improve the quality of your life and your next steps in your pursuit of education and health. So if you’re ready to find out what “gut rebuilding” means for you, or if you’ve worked with me and you’re ready to upgrade your understanding or practices, go ahead and join me!


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