OK. You did it. You indulged a bit this weekend. Maybe an early dip into the Halloween candy bucket or an extra pour of that warming red wine.
Perhaps you’ve been overindulging for a few nights (or weeks or months), sampling the candy intended for the trick-or-treaters later this month, unwrapping more than a couple of Tootsie Rolls at a time.
Maybe you stayed away from the packaged confections this weekend and whipped up a bunch of homemade treats instead. Even that healthier route can lead to eating more sweets than you’d expected, tipping the scale on our delicate hormone balance.

There’s something important to know…It’s OK! We all do it.

That’s why it’s key to know when to come back to your center—your path, as I like to call it—where you can tap into the factors that ultimately impact your health, happiness, weight goals and hormonal equanimity.

Sure, we can look for the next quick-fix or fad supplement for erasing the symptoms that we experience monthly or even daily in relation to our fluctuating hormones—symptoms like fatigue, lack of motivation, belly fat, loss of sex drive or hormonally related pain in the breasts or uterus. These are expressions of hormone imbalance that I hear about daily in my nutrition practice.
As we discussed in the Tipping the Scale video series, balancing blood sugar is #1. (There’s still time to watch the video series. Click here to get instant access!)
But what’s next? The important part is right now, going forward, from this very moment. It’s a brand new day. It’s the dawn where you recognize that your over-indulgence might not be serving your best interests. And I’m not talking just about weight here (although that might be of consideration as well). I’m talking about the many other ill-effects that spikes in blood sugar can take such as the heightened internal inflammation that can lead to increased risk of chronic disease states such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes as well as the crash-and-burn fatigue that affects our short term energy and our long-term adrenal and hormonal health. Whoa!

It was just a couple of Reese’s you say! And I agree. Really I do.

I just know firsthand that a dip in the candy bowl doesn’t always end with a period. Nope. It can become one of those run on sentences that goes on and on and never seems to end!
That’s why I’m writing you today with the best step to take to put an end to that potentially run-on sentence…

It’s time to join me for the well-poised (before Halloween and the holiday season) EstroZen Detox that will not only help you re-align with the path of your intentions and those of your hormones, but also serve to educate you about how to care for your endocrine health now and moving forward so that you can take back control of your own health. No matter your age!
The best news is that at FxNA , detox is not scary. It’s not about deprivation.

Throughout this 3-week program you’ll eat food that you’ll be eager to make well beyond the program, maybe even for your holiday table!
Click here to watch the video that gives you a sneak peek into the EstroZen Detox.

And there are a few goodies that are not mentioned in the video that I want to call your attention to now:

  • Bonus sessions on environmental endocrine disruptors (what are they, where are they, what to do!), bioidentical hormone therapy (good? bad? what’s right for you!), sex drive and your hormones (where did it go?!) and more
  • A daily ezine delivered right to your inbox throughout the three week program with a little tidbit on something you can do to keep your hormone balance in check
  • 3 LIVE Q&A sessions with me to ask your questions, get support and share successes – you’re not alone in this journey

The Week 1 Protocol, Recipe Packet and Handouts are posted to the program’s online Member Area—ready and waiting for you.
Take a leap for yourself this season and see what a difference a good dose of nourishment for your body and brain can do. I’ll be there right alongside you!

My Top 3 Tips to Turn Back to your Path

1) extraction

Even if you plan to be a superhero for Halloween (either the kind with high red boots and a gold headband or the kind that goes to work, gets dinner on the table and has the kids in their costumes by nightfall), you don’t need to be a superhero today…
Throw down the cape and admit your limitations.
Those might be that you cannot leap tall building or they might be that you can’t resist the stash of candy or homemade confections in the cupboard.
You might find that having sweet treats within reach makes it challenging to ‘just say no’. For many of us that candy will be calling our names from its storage place, beckoning for repeat connection, especially when hormones are doing their monthly dance.
When you find yourself indulging a bit too much, it might be time for pure extraction—take it to the office, bring it to a store, or throw in in the trash!
Remember, you’re not superhuman and sugar can have a creepy hold on many of us, tipping the scale in more ways than one. Ask for help in your household if you need to!

2) equilibrium

Today is the day to return to your good intentions and the regularity of your good eating patterns. You can do it! This will allow you to find the inner equilibrium that keeps you from looking for balance outside of yourself…in the temporary jolt of a piece of candy.
Go back to basics.
In the Tipping the Scale video series, I gave homework (yes, it’s true!): Your #1 food rule is to consider the amount of fat, fiber & protein you’re ingesting at every meal.
Don’t go for “lite”. That will leave you stalking the candy bowl at the office.
Go for healthy satiety. Aim to have solid meals that allow you to feel pleasantly full and satisfied with your choices. Consider lots of veggies, some quality protein and be sure to include ample good fat such as coconut oil, olive oil or ghee mixed into to your meal.
The dynamic trio of fat, fiber & protein will invite the equilibrium of your blood sugar. That internal composure leaves you more poised and empowered to ‘just say no’!
We’ve got this covered for you in the EstroZen Detox.

3) empathy

When it comes to empathy, remember to have it first and foremost for yourself.
Treat yourself like you might any other who has slipped. Be kind. Be gentle. Be understanding. Help them get up!
Consider the mere importance of empathy.
Sometimes the candy bowl dunking begins with a sense of wanting to make things right, to seek solace, to allow indulgence, to just have some fun! It starts with a moment of wanting empathy—for your hard day, for the stresses of your life, for not eating a Butterfinger since this time last year!
And that makes sense. We each deserve to be heard, held and rewarded for our valiant efforts to truck through the myriad realities of our lives with such accomplishment and aplomb!
Turning to others for empathy is also key. And knowing you have a safe place to go for that soulful rapport is what helps each of us to make change and move forward with our most challenging and our simplest objectives.
Take a moment to think where you can reliably turn for compassion and camaraderie, not just in turning away from the candy bowl, but also in contemplating why your hand may have gone routing for the 3 Musketeers in the first place.
Welcome that seasonal shift inward that beckons at this time of year while also staying grounded and connected in the network that supports you.
(I’m envisioning making a big pot of stew with your family or your friends. What are you imagining as you get ready to move into the holiday months?


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