At the Functional Nutrition Alliance Clinic we tailor our recommendations to meet the unique needs and requirements of every client.
Calorie counting, fad diets, or the latest healing protocol making its way around the web are not where we look when it comes to helping our clients reach their healing potential.
That’s because we know, as you likely do too, that one size never fits all.
And while we certainly don’t suggest that all our clients eat the same diet or specific food, we do often have clients increase their intake of a key nutrient.
The nutrient I want to talk about today can come in many forms but it is essential to your health.
It’s the essential fats!
Maybe you’ve heard about essential fats (or the Omega 3 fatty acids) but you’re unsure what makes them essential or where to find them.
(Hint: the cereal box that claims to be high in Omega 3’s isn’t the ideal source!)

Don’t be afraid of fat!

Every cell in our body uses fatty acids for construction and maintenance. Fat is important for the proper functioning of the nervous system and the absorption of vitamins A, D, E and K.
Some other important functions of fatty acids are that they:

  • promote hormone balance and support healthy endocrine function
  • aid in the formation and fluidity of the cell membranes
  • help with blood sugar regulation and regularity
  • support the process of creating energy in the cell and help to burn fat
  • key for brain function, influencing mental clarity, mental cognition and focus

Your body can produce most of the fats it needs except for two; omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. These are called essential fats. They’re essential for normal functioning of tissues throughout your body.
They’re also essential because you need to eat them to get them!
To remind you about the importance of eating these essential fats everyday, I created a handout with our Top 10 Tips to Increase Essential Fats.
Top 10 Tips to Increase Essential Fats | Functional Nutrition Alliance

Print it and pin it on your fridge to remind yourself to increase essential fats every time you make yourself a meal.

Quick Health Advisory: If you’re adding new foods to your diet, be sure to start low and go slow. Adding in foods rich in essential fats works well for most but you may need to increase slowly to keep your body and belly happy! Consider working with a Functional Medicine or Functional Nutrition practitioner to find the foods that are right for you.


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