Sleep is what I call a “Non-Negotiable”. It must be addressed. Right away.
No matter what your most pressing signs, symptoms, or diagnoses, sleep is of utmost importance for the resolution of whatever ails you.
In fact, at the Functional Nutrition Alliance Clinic we’re able to guide people to resolution even when they’ve been everywhere and done everything because we stick to this principle:
If you’re not sleeping, pooping, and your blood sugar isn’t stable, we address these in ways that meet your body’s unique needs either before or during any other recommendations or interventions. That’s because these three are extremely significant and connected to your desired results! (More so than you might realize.)

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Why are these so essential?
Because this Non-Negotiable Trifecta—sleep, poop, and blood sugar balance—is truly at the core of every effective treatment plan. In fact, those other remedies and protocols likely won’t work until you’ve tended to these three keys to sustainable health.
While I know it’s tempting to search for a single miracle solution to your symptom or diagnosis, I assure you this is a trap.

Non-Negotiable Trifecta

To truly get to the roots of your suffering, (please) pay heed to the Non-Negotiable Trifecta—sleep, poop, and blood sugar balance. Otherwise, all the work you’re doing to support yourself may ultimately be causing more trouble than good!
Because this Trifecta is so important, I’ve created assessments and tracking tools to help you work with each one. Today I’m eager to share our Sleep Assessment with you, but first let’s look at why sleep is so very important.
A good night’s sleep supports immune, neurological and hormonal function. It helps balance the microbial diversity in the gastrointestinal tract. Sleep is one of our most critical (and natural) forms of detoxification. And sleep is one of the biggest factors that I’ve found to be clinically relevant in weight loss resistance.

Importance of Sleep

If you’re not getting a proper amount of sleep to meet your body’s unique needs, you may find yourself with some (or many) of these symptoms:

  • detoxification challenges
  • constipation
  • impaired immune function
  • hunger
  • moodiness
  • and more

Sleep issues can even induce addictive behaviors because, without proper rest, we’re likely to look for substances to keep us energized.
But getting a good night’s sleep isn’t as easy as getting your body into bed at the proper time. Sleep disorders are one of the most common yet also most frequently overlooked health problems. Questions about sleep are rarely asked by physicians. And yet the neglect to identify sleep problems not only precludes treatment and even diagnosis, but precludes the possibility of preventing other health challenges.
There are myriad factors that could impact your ability to fall asleep at night, and to stay asleep for enough hours to reap the benefits of this physiological state of rest.
This means that the inability to catch those nightly zzzzzs most likely isn’t a melatonin deficiency!

Sleep Assessment Tool

To help you decode this all-important pillar, I’m giving you the Sleep Assessment that I created for my own clinic. Just click the image below to download one for yourself.
Functional Nutrition Alliance Sleep Assessment
You can look at where you’re having challenges and feel free to bring it along to your next appointment with the practitioner who is helping you to achieve your goals. This will enable you to have a more directed conversation! (I always say that recommendations should not be made without a proper assessment, which is why I like to share my assessment tools with you!)
We use this with our clients every day, even the ones who’ve been everywhere and tried everything. In fact, it’s sometimes those people who’ve already seen the top doctors and been to practitioners of all sorts that find the most relief when they take the time (and patience) to address this Non-Negotiable Trifecta.
So even if you’ve tried everything under the sun (and stars!) take the time to really assess these basics. Start with sleep, and stay tuned for the rest of the Trifecta!


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