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Ready to become a Functional Nutrition Counselor? Join our next LIVE event! Tailored to the needs of prospective students like you, virtual events are your opportunity to further explore the Full Body Systems course and its benefits. Events also provide the opportunity for you to meet globally recognized Functional Medicine Nutritionist, Functional Nutrition Alliance founder, and Full Body Systems creator and educator, Andrea Nakayama, as well as graduates who were once choosing their next career move like you. Learn more about past events and save your seat for our next event below.

Past Events

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Open House: Peek Inside The Program That Will Launch Your Nutrition Career!

Join Andrea for a taste of her teaching style and a look inside the virtual halls of the industry’s leading Functional Nutrition training and certification program.

During the event, you’ll discover:

  • Uncover and address underlying issues: Gain the expertise to dig deep and uncover the root causes of your clients’ health challenges.

  • Work in a holistic partnership: Learn how to empower your clients to become a partner in their healing journey.

  • Become a go-to practitioner: Position yourself as the go-to practitioner who can support anyone on their healing journey, no matter the signs, symptoms, or diagnoses.

Functional 101: What's the difference between Nutrition and Functional Nutrition?

Andrea shares her insights into why Functional Nutrition surpasses other methods of care. Join us to discover the transformative potential of this whole-person approach in just one session.

This live event will cover:

  • A comparison of nutrition approaches: Learn the distinguishing factors between Holistic & Integrative Medicine and Functional Medicine and Nutrition, and the impact each can have on health outcomes.

  • The distinction between Nutrition and Functional Nutrition: Delve into the nuanced differences between these approaches and their respective impacts on symptom resolution.

  • Where to find the only nutrition education you’ll ever need: Explore the frameworks that help you get to the roots of any and every condition, no matter the signs, symptoms, or diagnoses.

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Ask Me Anything: Andrea Nakayama Q & A - Image

Ask Me Anything: Andrea Nakayama Q & A

Andrea addresses your most pressing questions live. Get your questions about Functional Nutrition, nutrition counseling, or even tough client cases answered by a Functional Medicine Nutritionist.

3 reasons you’ll love this event:

  • Receive expert advice: Hear from a trailblazer in the field of Functional Nutrition. Andrea Nakayama’s extensive knowledge and experience have made her a trusted authority.

  • Real-world application: Learn how you can put Functional Nutrition principles into practice effectively with Andrea’s practical insights and tips.

  • Personalized guidance: Nutrition counseling can be a complex and nuanced process. This event presents a unique opportunity for you to gain personalized advice from Andrea tailored to your specific questions.

Graduate Spotlight: From Self-Help to a Thriving Career

Full Body Systems graduate, Allison Samon, is inspiring women to have healthy and successful pregnancies after 40. Join Allison as she shares her transformative experience with the Full Body Systems program and how it equipped her with the Functional Nutrition systems and frameworks she’s used to launch and grow her career as a health coach and Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor (CFNC).

During the event, you’ll discover:

  • The program that helped Allison resolve her own health concerns and support her clients to do the same

  • How Functional Nutrition gets to the root causes of suffering

  • How easy it is to gain the knowledge and confidence to help anyone, no matter their signs, symptoms, or diagnosis.

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  Graduate Spotlight: Practicing empowered healthcare - Image

Graduate Spotlight: Practicing Empowered Healthcare

Jessica Vargas is a Full Body Systems graduate and a dynamic professional balancing a career in tech and thriving in her holistic healthcare practice. With expertise in metabolic health, Jessica is passionate about helping women regulate their blood sugar levels along their path to healing. Hear about Jessica’s first-hand experience with the program she credits for her inspiring success in practice.

During the event, you’ll discover:

  • The program that helped Jessica develop an expertise that skyrocketed her success in practice

  • How Functional Nutrition can help you connect the dots for even your most complex clients 

  • How accessible it is to gain the knowledge and confidence to help anyone, no matter their signs, symptoms, or diagnoses (or your previous experience.

Graduate Spotlight: Discover The Training That Sets You Apart

Jacqui Bryan is a Registered Nurse (RN) with extensive training in western medicine and over ten years of practice under her belt. When she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer, she experienced the gaps that exist in our healthcare system. In this live event, Jacqui will share her compelling testimony about how she used the tools in Full Body Systems to fill the gaps for herself and so many others!

During the event, you’ll discover

  • How this nutrition pro overcame anxiety and self-doubt when working with clients

  • How she built a successful practice using the tools she learned in Full Body Systems

  • How you too can gain the knowledge and confidence to help anyone, no matter their signs, symptoms, or diagnosis

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