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Mapping your Signs and Symptoms

Join Functional Nutritionist, Andrea Nakayama for a hands-on masterclass in how to use the Functional Nutrition Matrix to uncover the root causes of what’s ailing you (and how you can use this tool to support your clients!)

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Experience the magic of the matrix for yourself in this exclusive masterclass with Andrea!

The Matrix is the foundation to Andrea’s clinical practice, and is used in the clinic by her team of nutritionists every day. This is an exclusive opportunity to experience how transformative it is to map your ownsigns and symptoms and have Andrea there as your trusted mentor and guide.

Get ready for a major perspective shift!

Ditch the cookie-cutter protocols that rarely work and learn the framework for assessing even the most complex health issues. In this workshop, Andrea Nakayama, world-renowned Nutritionist, founder of Functional Nutrition Alliance, and creator of Full Body Systems, will lead you into a deeper understanding of how to uncover the underlying root cause(s) of your own signs and symptoms using the #1 tool in Functional Medicine and Functional Nutrition.

During this Live Masterclass you’ll get to: 

  • Uncover connections between your own signs, symptoms, history and lifestyle habits

  • Determine next steps of care and how you’d consider what those might be by using this important tool

  • Take your first steps in utilizing the most important framework in Functional Nutrition to reveal the root cause(s) of health issues

  • Experience what Functional Nutrition really is and why it’s the future of medicine and healthcare (and how you too can become a leader in the field)


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Don’t forget to download and print your free Functional Nutrition Matrix for this workshop and complete the A to Z symptom checklist. Andrea will help you map your symptoms in real time!

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