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The detox diet to naturally address estrogen dominance:

This 3-week course is a community favorite, with teachings, recipes and support information that will change the way you view your body’s natural and evolving chemistry.

What is estrogen dominance?


Estrogen dominance is the culprit of so many health concerns these days. And when your hormones are out of balance, you feel it everywhere—in your body, your emotions, and you can even see it in the mirror. Even tiny fluctuations in your hormones can have a huge effect on how you feel. There’s a delicate balance between too little and too much of each hormone, and modern life has caused so many of us to end up with estrogen dominance—even when we age and have low estrogen levels.

functional nutrition balance rocks

The Functional Nutrition way to cultivate
hormone balance

Right from your own home, EstroZen takes you step by step through a
whole-food detoxifying diet and curriculum that’s tailored to naturally address
estrogen dominance.


Here’s what you can expect:

  • Understand what estrogen dominance is and how it impacts your body, mind, and emotions
  • Learn what contributes to hormone balance and why certain foods, products, and lifestyle practices matter
  • Discover optimal specialty and superfoods and the best options for satiety and blood sugar stability
  • Identify the foods and lifestyle factors that affect you most in your body and its hormonal equilibrium

Hormone imbalances – demystified

EstroZen is a 3-week, immersive way to experience the power of Functional Nutrition. This course includes a whole-food detoxifying diet paired with a hormone-balancing curriculum so you can better understand and support your own health. You’ll learn what renowned Functional Medicine Nutritionist Andrea Nakayama learned through both managing her own hormone imbalances and working with thousands of clients and course participants.

estrogen dominance

Estrogen dominance can contribute to the
symptoms that plague you most:

  • unexplained weight gain and those stubborn pounds that just won’t budge
  • brain fog and other hormonal mental health challenges
  • sudden changes in your skin, hair, belly and disposition
  • tenderness you feel in your breasts or ovaries
  • peri- and menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, mood swings and sleep problems

The good news is that by shifting the foods you consume, the water you drink, and certain key lifestyle factors, you can bring back the balance, address those niggling symptoms and finally get your life back. And it’s easier than you think!

In EstroZen, you’ll learn how to care for the fine web of hormones that rule your body and your mind so that YOU (and not your hormones) can sit in the driver’s seat.

Program Details

This course is a community favorite, with teachings, recipes, and support information that will change the way you view your body’s natural and evolving chemistry.

Signs of Estrogen Dominance


EstroZen is a completely online course, so you can attend the class and reap the benefits of the education and resources from the comfort of your own home.
One class will be released each week with new information, suggested diet plans and action steps. You’ll also receive recipes and handouts to support that week’s teachings.

Week #1:
Inflammatory foods & blood sugar balance

We’ll gently move into learning about the importance of removing the major inflammatory foods from the diet and the impact of balancing blood sugar — the foundation of hormone balance! You’ll learn exactly what to do, and also why!

Week #2:
Understanding estrogen & progesterone

We’ll heighten the experience by working on the body’s hormonal thermostat and guardian angel, demonstrating how biology can work for you, not against you, so that you can reap long term benefits from your efforts.

Week #3:
The keys to achieving hormone balance

We’ll focus more on excretion of what we carry in excess and on fueling our bodies in a brand new way so that you can feel lighter, more clear, and ready to harness your hormones and your global health concerns.

  • You’ll learn WHY you’ll be removing certain foods and adding others to support hormone balance.
  • You’ll have a comprehensive list of which specialty foods and superfoods to consume for satiety and stability.
  • You’ll walk away with a complex understanding of which foods and lifestyle factors impair your body and its capability to sustain your delicate hormonal equilibrium.
  • After 21-days—feeling better than you have in a long time—you’ll have a toolbox of new recipes, habits and practices that will enable you to maintain a healthier lifestyle and know you are taking optimal care of yourself in the months and years to come.
  • You’ll know how to take the driver’s seat in your personal hormonal health care.
  • Most importantly, you’ll feel lighter, stronger, calmer and more focused.

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Are your symptoms due to estrogen dominance?

Our exposure to environmental estrogens is tipping the scale in your bathroom and in your internal chemistry.

EstroZen empowers you with the education and tools you need to incorporate nutrition and lifestyle shifts that help you make a difference with your everyday self-care.

EstroZen is for you if you struggle with any of the following signs or symptoms:


Telltale Signs and Symptoms of Estrogen Dominance


resistant weight loss
skin issues
decreased sex drive
polycystic ovaries
breast tenderness
food cravings
foggy thinking
blood sugar issues
low estrogen
muscle & joint pains
irregular periods
mood swings
insulin issues


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This Program Rocks Guarantee

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Why you’ll love this hormone health course

We have designed this program to be engaging, convenient and rich with opportunities
to connect to our team and to each other.

Access To The Expert

You’ll receive a 90-minute introductory class with renowned Functional Medicine Nutritionist Andrea Nakayama. She’ll teach you about the impact of balancing and detoxifying the excess hormones.

Weekly Guidance

Each week you’ll receive another 45-minute audio class with Andrea where you’ll learn steps you can take to influence your hormones so that you can regain your freedom.

Loads Of Delicious Chef-Created Recipes

EstroZen includes 3 weekly recipe packets with a total of 60 custom-built recipes designed to reduce your estrogen dominance while satisfying your taste buds.

21 Suggested Daily Meal Plans

With suggestions for how to organize each day’s menu, you don’t have to worry about what to eat!

Essential Tools

16 detailed and visual tools including symptom trackers, important definitions, and informative handouts are included in your EstroZen toolbox.

Vital Recommendations

You will receive an FxNA curated list of select optional supplements chosen to support hormone balance. (PLUS special purchasing options).

4 Bonus Audio Classes

To maximize your long-term benefits from EstroZen, you’ll get 4 bonus audio classes, including interviews with an integrative hormone expert and an environmental toxins expert.

Q&A Recordings

3 recorded question and answer sessions with Andrea and one of her Lead Nutritionists at the Functional Nutrition Alliance clinic, so you can find answers to all your pressing questions.

Access to the EstroZen Answer Board

You can search through this private, read-only forum that has answers to hundreds of diet & hormone-related questions. Many extra recipes and handouts, and additional nuggets are available.

Andrea Nakayama Founder and Lead Instructor

How this program came to be:
Meet Andrea Nakayama

I’m Andrea Nakayama, a Functional Medicine Nutritionist, and I’d like to help you understand why estrogen dominance can contribute to your unwanted symptoms. Stubborn weigh gain, brain fog, skin issues, irritability, and more may be caused by an imbalance in your hormones—including an excess of the type of estrogens that aren’t serving your body or your health goals.

I created EstroZen to teach you the tools you need to take control of your own health so that you can finally feel like yourself again.

Read More about Andrea’s journey

The hormone balancing benefits of EstroZen speak for themselves!

I’ve been looking for answers and help for the past 4 years and this program has made the biggest difference in my life.


I was suddenly aware of a more noticeable shift in the way I look and feel. The abdominal ‘roll’ has definitely receded, and that is huge for me.


I have more energy. I feel clearer, more present. This alone is worth its weight in gold.


By the start of the third week, I was able to pop out of bed instead of dreading getting up, and sustain that energy well into the night.


I now feel incredibly empowered and am able to take my health to a whole new level by tweaking my food and lifestyle choices.


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  • Who suffers from estrogen dominance and is this something I need to be concerned about? How about my partner?

    Sadly, almost everyone of us suffers from estrogen dominance these days!

    Our exposure to environmental estrogens is tipping the scale in your bathroom and in your internal chemistry. Estrogen dominance is prevalent in women and men alike, in our girls and even in our boys. Get this: Over 70,000 registered chemicals in the U.S. have hormonal and toxic effects that are difficult for your body to detoxify.

    These include:

      • pesticides
      • herbicides
      • insecticides
      • fungicides
      • industrial chemicals (like lead, mercury and PCBs)
      • plastics (particularly BPA)
      • dairy products from animals fed chemical growth hormones
      • fluoride
      • skin, hair and cleaning products that contain estrogenic chemical compounds

    We understand that it can be overwhelming to think about. And these substances can be overwhelming your body, leaving you in a state of overwhelm and despair.

    In EstroZen, we’ll explore what these environmental estrogens are and what you can do about them to help bring you the balance and ease you crave.

  • You mention snacks with fat, fiber & protein for maintaining blood sugar as an important baseline for hormonal balance. I am wondering if you have some suggestions for snacks like this. And, what if you are on the go?

    This is a great question. We definitely encourage people to travel around with things on hand so they don’t get caught in a pinch, with their blood sugars down. This is going to lead to the kind of desperate spontaneity that rarely serves our goals. (Low blood sugar = grabbing whatever is convenient.)

    Two suggestions are making miso soup and our Flax Max bar, which can be prepared in advance. Thermoses are great and the bars hold up well in a wax bag or small container (especially as the weather cools — your good fats won’t melt as easily!).

    We also advise people to carry nuts, seeds or some kind of healthy bar option to help keep even and balanced.

  • Do you have any other tips about helping women who have belly weight and are around menopausal age?

    Absolutely! This is one of the things we’ll be diving into in EstroZen.

    Sometimes the weight falls off during the course and other times it lingers, here or there. One of those places is right on the belly. Belly fat that won’t budge is a good indicator that there is some hormonal imbalance at play.

    It’s important to balance blood sugar. That’s #1. Then we need to support adrenal issues. If you’re living in a state of fight or flight, as many of us are, you’re producing excesses of the hormone cortisol. Excess cortisol = belly fat.

    But we can’t produce excess cortisol forever. We’ll run out of steam. What happens then? We produce less than we need. So then we don’t just have less fight or flight and diminished “get up and go,” we’re stuck with the fatigue and the flab!

    But there’s another hormonal imbalance that can easily lead to belly fat. That’s estrogen dominance. This is a situation that has become epidemic in our society for men, women and children alike. In EstroZen we’ll explore how and why this is happening, as well as WHAT to do about it! That’s what EstroZen is all about!

    We’ll beat the belly fat by cleaning up our diets and our environments, and discover what BALANCE really means.

  • Will you provide gluten free and vegan alternatives?

    You can rest assured that anything you ever do with the Functional Nutrition Alliance is gluten free and sugar free. Through the weeks we will remove some other food constituents to support your body’s balance as well.

    There is some other non-dairy animal protein included, if you want or already eat it. There are only a couple animal protein dishes each week, and that way you can eliminate those to suit your dietary needs or restrictions, or include a bit more as your body requires.

    And you’ll find plenty of answers in the EstroZen Answer Board to help navigate your unique needs dietary and otherwise.

  • What if I eat a grain-free diet? Can I do this?

    As with the animal protein, there is little to no grain in this course. Where it is included, it can easily be substituted.

    If you always wanted to see what a grain-free diet could do to reduce your inflammation, pain, help with weight loss, and improve mental clarity, then this is a great opportunity for that, among other things. If you’re scared of a grain-free diet, don’t be! You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how good the food is and you’ll have so many recipes to carry you forward with a new way of eating – no matter how you decide to eat beyond the three weeks.

  • What are good supplements to take?

    We’ve actually set up a supplement store to help you make the choices that will best benefit your experience. The recommended supplements are not required, but instead meant to support your explorations and inquiries should you choose to bring in that additional help for your hormone balancing.

    The bottom line? We’ve got your diet and supplement needs covered!

  • Is this a detox? I’m scared of a detox! I’ve heard horrible things about detoxes. I’ve heard about friends doing detoxes and starving or living off of lemon and water drinks. I’m busy and don’t have time to slow down or not have enough energy. Can I still balance my hormones without starving myself?

    Deep breath. We’re going into Zen territory here.

    Many people use the terms detox and cleanse interchangeably. But at the Functional Nutrition Alliance, we’ve created a distinction between the two. It’s this distinction that will help you to make the appropriate investment of your time and resources to reach your optimal health goals.

    We’re taking out the substances that slow you down, make you sick, clog your sinuses, cause gas and bloating, make you retain unnecessary weight, and leave you feeling tired and foggy. Hormonal havoc!

    Sometimes the things we’re removing are foods and sometimes they’re more than foods – behaviors or beliefs, patterns and habits, environmental toxins, all the things that are holding us back. Our intent here is hormonal balance and understanding how to achieve that for yourself. We’ll be getting into the nitty gritty while nurturing ourselves with delicious foods and grounding practices.

    And at FxNA, we never remove without replacing. So you know exactly what to eat and what to do to help you feel great.

  • What is Andrea Nakayama’s background and training?

    With a career born of a personal family health crisis and the loss of her young husband, Functional Nutritionist Andrea Nakayama has guided thousands of international clients through the online programs at Functional Nutrition Alliance (FxNA) and Functional Nutrition Lab.

    Andrea’s education includes the following:

    • Certified Nutrition Educator (CNE) and Certified Nutrition Counselor (CNC)
    • Certified Holistic Health Coach (CHHC)
    • Masters of Human Nutrition & Functional Medicine
    • Select Institute of Functional Medicine training programs and modules
    • Continuing education in areas of specialty such as thyroid disorder, autoimmunity, and Functional lab diagnostics

    Andrea is the very first Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Practitioner (FNLP)

    Accolades of Note:

    Andrea was the winner of the 2019 Evolution of Medicine Media of the Year Award for her 15-Minute Matrix podcast. She was also the recipient of the 2015 National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP) Impact Award and the 2016 NANP Service Award for her leadership in the field of nutrition. She has been featured in Oprah’s O Magazine, Martha Stewart’s Whole Living, Experience Life Magazine, and numerous online conferences.

    Andrea’s ceaseless inquiry is driven by her passion to educate her clients, course participants, and team members so that we all can become agents of change, able to take ownership of our own health. She simplifies physiology so that it’s understandable for each and every one of us. In this way, her programs additionally serve as a motivating tool for understanding why we may need to make particular dietary changes to meet the goals we’ve created within that journey of ownership over our own health.

  • Can I enroll if I live outside the United States?

    Absolutely! All course materials will be accessible on your Member Page and the recorded Q&A sessions are accessible online.

  • Will we receive handouts or materials, in addition to the classes?

    EstroZen delivers comprehensive printable materials including:

    • guidelines and recipe packets including menus, suggested supplements, general food rules, and recipes to carry you the full three weeks
    • a daily quick-bite e-zine with tips to help keep you motivated
    • handouts to support you, including information on gluten, sugar, fats and vitamins, as well as additional recipes as requested

    Additionally, you’ll have access to your private EstroZen Answer Board where you can review questions and answers from Andrea and the FxNA team.

  • What about my man? Is this course good for men too?

    You betcha! We’ll be exploring the ways in which men experience estrogen dominance too. Estrogen dominance is an epidemic and the problems are reverberating throughout your entire household — affecting not just you, but your partner and children as well.

Still have questions?

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