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This 3-week course is a community favorite, with teachings, recipes and support information that will change the way you view your body’s natural and evolving chemistry.

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What is estrogen dominance?

Estrogen dominance is the culprit of so many health concerns these days. And when your hormones are out of balance, you feel it everywhere—in your body, your emotions, and you can even see it in the mirror. Even tiny fluctuations in your hormones can have a huge effect on how you feel. There’s a delicate balance between too little and too much of each hormone, and modern life has caused so many of us to end up with estrogen dominance—even when we age and have low estrogen levels.

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The Functional Nutrition way to cultivate hormone balance

Right from your own home, EstroZen takes you step by step through a
whole-food detoxifying diet and curriculum that’s tailored to naturally address
estrogen dominance.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Understand what estrogen dominance is and how it impacts your body, mind, and emotions

  • Learn what contributes to hormone balance and why certain foods, products, and lifestyle practices matter

  • Discover optimal specialty and superfoods and the best options for satiety and blood sugar stability

  • Identify the foods and lifestyle factors that affect you most in your body and its hormonal equilibrium

Hormone imbalances – demystified

EstroZen is a 3-week, immersive way to experience the power of Functional Nutrition. This course includes a whole-food detoxifying diet paired with a hormone-balancing curriculum so you can better understand and support your own health. You’ll learn what renowned Functional Medicine Nutritionist Andrea Nakayama learned through both managing her own hormone imbalances and working with thousands of clients and course participants.

Estrogen dominance can contribute to the symptoms that plague you most:

  • unexplained weight gain and those stubborn pounds that just won’t budge

  • brain fog and other hormonal mental health challenges

  • sudden changes in your skin, hair, belly and disposition

  • tenderness you feel in your breasts or ovaries

  • peri- and menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, mood swings and sleep problem

The good news is that by shifting the foods you consume, the water you drink, and certain key lifestyle factors, you can bring back the balance, address those niggling symptoms and finally get your life back. And it’s easier than you think!In EstroZen, you’ll learn how to care for the fine web of hormones that rule your body and your mind so that YOU (and not your hormones) can sit in the driver’s seat.

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Program Details

This course is a community favorite, with teachings, recipes, and support information that will change the way you view your body’s natural and evolving chemistry.


Tuition for EstroZen is $197. You can choose to invest in full or select from one of our financing options.



Savings of $100



Savings of $84.24

This program rocks guarantee

Bottom line? If you’re unhappy with the EstroZen program for any reason, let us know within 7 days from program start, and we’ll fully refund your investment. Notify us of your decision at support@fxnutrition.com.

Why you’ll love this hormone health course

We have designed this program to be engaging, convenient and rich with opportunities
to connect to our team and to each other.

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Access To The Expert

You’ll receive a 90-minute introductory class with renowned Functional Medicine Nutritionist Andrea Nakayama. She’ll teach you about the impact of balancing and detoxifying the excess hormones.

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Weekly Guidance

Each week you’ll receive another 45-minute audio class with Andrea where you’ll learn steps you can take to influence your hormones so that you can regain your freedom.

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Loads Of Delicious Chef-Created Recipes

EstroZen includes 3 weekly recipe packets with a total of 60 custom-built recipes designed to reduce your estrogen dominance while satisfying your taste buds.

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21 Suggested Daily Meal Plans

With suggestions for how to organize each day’s menu, you don’t have to worry about what to eat!

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Essential Tools

16 detailed and visual tools including symptom trackers, important definitions, and informative handouts are included in your EstroZen toolbox.

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Vital Recommendations

You will receive an FxNA curated list of select optional supplements chosen to support hormone balance. (PLUS special purchasing options).

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4 Bonus Audio Classes

To maximize your long-term benefits from EstroZen, you’ll get 4 bonus audio classes, including interviews with an integrative hormone expert and an environmental toxins expert.

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Q&A Recordings

3 recorded question and answer sessions with Andrea and one of her Lead Nutritionists at the Functional Nutrition Alliance clinic, so you can find answers to all your pressing questions.

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Access to the EstroZen Answer Board

You can search through this private, read-only forum that has answers to hundreds of diet & hormone-related questions. Many extra recipes and handouts, and additional nuggets are available.

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How this program came to be:
Meet Andrea Nakayama

I’m Andrea Nakayama, a Functional Medicine Nutritionist, and I’d like to help you understand why estrogen dominance can contribute to your unwanted symptoms. Stubborn weigh gain, brain fog, skin issues, irritability, and more may be caused by an imbalance in your hormones—including an excess of the type of estrogens that aren’t serving your body or your health goals.

I created EstroZen to teach you the tools you need to take control of your own health so that you can finally feel like yourself again.

Read More about Andrea’s journey

The hormone balancing benefits of EstroZen speak for themselves!

"I’ve been looking for answers and help for the past 4 years and this program has made the biggest difference in my life."


"I was suddenly aware of a more noticeable shift in the way I look and feel. The abdominal ‘roll’ has definitely receded, and that is huge for me."


"I have more energy. I feel clearer, more present. This alone is worth its weight in gold."


"By the start of the third week, I was able to pop out of bed instead of dreading getting up, and sustain that energy well into the night."


"I now feel incredibly empowered and am able to take my health to a whole new level by tweaking my food and lifestyle choices."


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