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Here’s a special message from Andrea Nakayama – Functional Nutritionist, Lead Instructor, and Founder of the Functional Nutrition Alliance.

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The 3 Tiers of Nutrition Mastery — where you’ll learn the system that will catapult your results in practice.


Free training module that will show you how to future-proof your career in healthcare. Andrea will share her secrets so you can help more people, make a great living, and take your rightful place in the healthcare revolution.


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The 3 Tiers to Nutrition Mastery

The 3 Tiers shared in this primer allow you to leverage the powers of nutrition so that you can use food as medicine to help people finally feel better.

  • 3 steps that will allow you to crack even the most complex clinical cases.

  • Andrea’s proven system built from years of success in her Functional Nutrition clinic.

  • Learn how to get results. Be the expert. Help the people you want to help.

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Future Proof Your Career In Healthcare

What you’ll learn in this free training module:

  • How to use the powers of nutrition to help more people.

  • How you can make a great living as a Functional Nutrition Counselor.

  • Why it’s time for you to take your rightful place in the healthcare revolution.

Reviews from our students

"Full Body Systems filled in the gaps and rounded out my nutritional training. It has given me the confidence to work with clients that have chronic conditions like Fibromyalgia, Hashimoto’s and whatever else comes up.This program is a gift, it towers above any other nutritional training that I’ve taken!"



"I came into FBS as a certified health coach with a Paramedic and fitness background, so I knew my science. I was excited to see how science merges with food. This is EXACTLY what Andrea teaches. She brings in tough scientific concepts and transforms them to be easy to use with clients right away."


"I would not have the knowledge base or the confidence to run my own detox program if it weren’t for all of the education and experience that I have learned by participating in Andrea’s programs."


"I have so much more confidence after this training. I now support a functional medicine doctor, I am able to understand the protocols he is using, and be in a better position to support clients. Plus, when an issue comes up with a client, I now have so many resources to go back to!"


"This investment paid for itself ten-fold as I now am able to partner with functional doctors who send me referrals that I wouldn’t have been able to help without the knowledge I gained in Full Body Systems."



Full Body Systems Program Details

The Full Body Systems ​curriculum​ is made up of 7 intensives, each covering a different biological system​.


Understand how this is truly the root of health and can affect (positively or negatively) all the systems of the body

Module One

  • Learn why healthy digestion is the key to resolving nearly all health issues—even if your client doesn’t have digestive symptoms.

  • Strategies to treat microbial imbalances including parasites, candida, infections and more.

  • Learn how to address heartburn, acid reflux and GERD—even for clients who are taking acid-blocking drugs.

  • Gain a better understanding of Leaky Gut—why everyone is talking about it and what you can do about it.

  • Learn the top foods that help the digestive tract and how to help your clients include them in their daily routine.

  • Understand the key supplements to aid digestive healing and know how to use them in a protocol for your clients.


Discover the keys to immunity and how auto-immune challenges can be reversed

Module Two

  • Learn how the immune systems works and why symptoms like seasonal allergies and food
    sensitivities occur in the first place.

  • Gain a true understanding of inflammation and learn how to help your clients reduce
    inflammation in their bodies.

  • Know how to identify if someone has a food sensitivity and what to do about it.

  • Understand autoimmunity and learn how to work with all types of autoimmune conditions
    including Hashimoto’s, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and more.

  • Learn how to support a client with a cancer diagnosis through food, supplements and
    lifestyle changes.

  • Discover the immune system heroes: foods, supplements and lifestyle practices that make
    the biggest impact for immune system support.

  • Find out which foods dampen and distract the immune system so that you can help your
    clients avoid them.


Adrenal issues, problems with blood pressure, water retention, prostate issues and interstitial cystitis are on the rise and you can uncover their causes

Module Three

  • Understand the importance of the urinary system and how it impacts your health.

  • Discover how to help clients alleviate water retention and uncomfortable bloating.

  • Help clients treat and reduce urinary tract infections (UTIs) with food, supplements and
    lifestyle changes.

  • Learn how to help clients manage the symptoms and pain associated with Interstitial

  • Strategies to help avoid kidney stones and tools to help address them and mitigate the pain if
    they do occur.

  • Understand how the kidneys function so you can help clients with chronic kidney disease or
    kidney failure.


Understand how to work with clients and patients with heart disease (it’s easier than you think)

Module Four

  • Gain a deep knowledge of how the cardiovascular system functions.

  • Understand the symptoms and causes of cardiovascular disease (CVD)—the number one
    killer in the U.S. and other western countries.

  • Learn how to assess blood lipid panels, cholesterol levels and other key lab markers
    that determine your client’s risk for cardiovascular disease.

  • Get the truth about dietary fats and find out which fats you should (and should not) be
    recommending to your clients.

  • Understand how statins work and learn about alternatives for your clients—even if they have
    been taking statins for years.

  • Learn how meditation and mindfulness based practice can have an impact on your client’s
    heart health.


Unlock hormone imbalances with a greater under­standing of blood sugar, cortisol and the cascade of hormones that impact the health of your clients

Module Five

  • Understand the symphony of hormones and how the endocrine system functions.

  • Gain insight on why blood sugar balance is key for treating nearly all symptoms and diseases.

  • Strategies to help clients with blood sugar issues including metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance and diabetes.

  • Know the symptoms and causes of adrenal fatigue to help clients determine if it’s a factor in their health.

  • Learn the key herbs and supplements to support adrenal health to help your clients address adrenal fatigue.

  • Understand how hormone imbalance can impact insomnia and what to do about it.

  • Learn how to address hypothyroid and Hashimoto’s through food, supplements and lifestyle practices.


Prepare to help those with mood disorders, “leaky brain” and even traumatic brain injuries

Module Six

  • Understand the Gut-Brain connection and how psychological and mental challenges
    can stem from the digestive system.

  • Learn strategies for addressing ADHD and autism spectrum disorders.

  • Learn how to help clients heal from traumatic brain injuries, including concussions,
    strokes and surgery.

  • Find out which therapies and protocols can help your client’s brain power (and yours, too).

  • Understand what’s happening with Alzheimer’s and dementia so you can help clients manage the disease and associated symptoms.

  • Understand the aging process and how it affects the brain, so you can help your clients
    focus on memory and cognitive function.

  • Find out the key foods and supplements for alleviating depression and anxiety.


Puberty to menopause and everything in between are now within your reach to address in practice

Module Seven

  • Gain a deep understanding of how the female reproductive system functions.

  • Uncover how to reduce the symptoms associated with Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS).

  • Understand estrogen dominance including how to identify it and the key steps to addressing it.

  • Know the foods, supplements and lifestyle practices to help address PCOS, fibroids and

  • Gain insight on the causes of infertility and learn how to help your clients who are working to increase their chances of getting pregnant.

  • Find out the best foods for mama and baby for pregnancy, breastfeeding and beyond.

  • Strategies to help relieve the symptoms associated with menopause including hot flashes,
    night sweats, weight gain and brain fog.

Through this course, you'll also get tools for:
  • Talking about what you do

  • Enrolling prospective clients

  • Conducting a successful initial session

  • Keeping clients coming back

  • Creating compliance

  • Cracking cases/getting to the root causes

  • Building your practice

  • Expanding your reach/influencing healthcare at large

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