In the world of healthcare, the pursuit of knowledge and innovative approaches to patient care is a never-ending journey. For health and wellness coaches and practitioners seeking to broaden their understanding and enhance their clinical skill set, the Functional Nutritional Alliance Full Body Systems program stands apart as a central hub for comprehensive and transformative learning.

Tita Nieves, a seasoned practitioner with a rich background in counseling and public health, shares her inspiring success story after completing the nutrition training for practitioners program, shedding light on the profound impact it had on her personal and professional life.

Tita Nieves, originally from Puerto Rico, has been dedicated to the well-being of others for more than four decades. With a foundation in science, psychology, and social services, she embarked on a journey that led her to work in diverse fields, including public health, counseling, and functional nutrition wellness coaching. Tita’s passion for helping people live healthier lives was intensified by her own health challenges, including a successful bone transplant surgery and the management of an autoimmune condition.

Tita’s Path to Functional Nutrition and a Holistic Approach

Tita’s path to Functional Nutrition wellness coaching took a significant turn when she encountered an article in Oprah Magazine in 2014, leading her to Andrea Nakayama’s teachings on digestive health. 

Recognizing the value of this knowledge, she promptly enrolled in Digestive Intensive, the precursor to the Full Body Systems program. “I read the article, and I immediately went online and connected with the Functional Nutrition Alliance,” explained Nieves. “I signed up for the Digestive Intensive, and I was totally involved. I said, ‘This is the cherry on the top of what I have been looking for.’ “

Tita officially enrolled in the Full Body Systems program in 2016, driven by her commitment to deepening her understanding of Functional Nutrition as a wellness coach. Andrea’s holistic approach, which delves into the biology of human understanding, emphasizing the pivotal role of the digestive system in health and disease, struck a chord with Tita. And although life’s twists and turns temporarily paused her journey, she returned in 2018 to complete the program. Subsequently, she achieved another milestone by graduating as a Functional Nutrition Alliance Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner in 2020.

Holistic Integration of Knowledge and Transformation

Armed with the knowledge acquired from the Full Body Systems program, Tita seamlessly integrated Functional Nutrition principles into her wellness coaching practice. She emphasizes the importance of understanding how the body processes and breaks down food, utilizing tools provided by Andrea Nakayama in Full Body Systems. Tita’s commitment to continuous learning is evident in her dedication to revisiting the program’s materials and staying abreast of new information shared by experts in the field.

“I put it into practice, I walk my talk, and that’s what I love sharing with people,” Tita says. “It’s amazing. The information learned, and all the tools that Andrea provides.”

Tita’s success with Functional Nutrition as a wellness coach is mirrored in the transformative experiences of her clients. From addressing autoimmune conditions to aiding clients with pre-diabetes and gastrointestinal issues, Tita’s holistic approach has left a lasting impact. Her ability to merge counseling skills with Functional Nutrition knowledge creates a comprehensive and personalized experience for her clients.

“People say, ‘I have no idea how this works,’ or ‘That’s how my body works?’ and lives have been transformed,” she explains.

Recommendation for Full Body Systems Functional Nutrition Training for Practitioners

When asked about her advice for fellow wellness coaches, nutrition practitioners, and health counselors considering enrolling in the Full Body Systems program, Tita unequivocally encourages them to go for it with full commitment. She highlights the program’s immeasurable value, stressing that the knowledge gained is invaluable and its impact is felt at the pinnacle of any practitioner’s professional development.

“Go for it 150%!” Tita encourages. “You can’t put a price on the amount of information and skills developed during the Full Body Systems program. It sits right at the top.”

Tita Nieves’ journey is a testament to the life-altering impact of the Functional Nutrition Alliance’s Full Body Systems program. Her dedication to lifelong learning, combined with Andrea Nakayama’s transformative teachings, has not only shaped her personal well-being but has also allowed her to positively influence the lives of those she serves. For clinicians and practitioners seeking a paradigm shift in their approach to healthcare, Tita’s story serves as an inspiring invitation to embark on the path of Functional Nutrition with the Full Body Systems program. Learn more about our Functional Nutrition training programs and start your own journey today.

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