I’m beyond honored to help lead a movement of dedicated coaches and clinicians who want to transform healthcare.

It’s my mission to help you pursue your mission! That’s why I founded Functional Nutrition Alliance in 2009 and started training practitioners with Full Body Systems in 2012. And it’s why I continue to be an advocate for practitioners like you who know they can make a difference.

Despite our differing histories and circumstances, we truly are connected by a deep desire to make positive change in the world of healthcare.

I want to highlight some of the answers we received to two different surveys about our student and graduate missions, so you can get a glimpse of who’s in this journey to change the way we do healthcare with you. 

THIS is the community you’re a part of!

Here are just a few of the individual responses:

What led you to pursue a career in healthcare?

It really is truly my mission to serve others through the struggles I have gone through.

I see so many people suffering and it is painful in this age where we can help!

I am a teacher and see how young children are affected by the lack of nutrition they are getting. This is all related to their ability to learn, to grow and to become healthy adults.

Healing the body and brain is an essential missing piece of addiction recovery. I was blessed to have survived the number one cause of death in the US and it’s because I healed my body. I want to change how the mainstream views and treats addiction.

I want to be there for the biggest moments in people’s lives and provide support and courage.

We are on the cutting edge of a new frontier into preventing and reversing cognitive decline and making great leaps in healthy aging overall!!!

I worked as a doctor and was frustrated with the limitations in the system.

I can see most people around me disconnected from their bodies and their needs, and how they are leading their children on the same path. Children’s diets and lifestyles are particularly concerning to me and I want to influence parents and schools.

Why do you have a strong desire to help people get better?

There is a lot of information out there, whether nutritional, herbal, etc. Patients need someone who can communicate it all. This healer has distilled it all through his/her own education, clinical training and experience.

Our family’s healing journey was a long one. I have learned so much along the way and know that healing is possible. I want to be part of helping people not just survive, but live!

To help people find a peace of mind and not feel like they have done something wrong or it is their fault they are sick.

I’m watching severe overmedication and under-treated conditions due to symptom diagnosis and not root cause resolution. It angers me to watch this happening; including in my own family.

Optimal health is a birth right that everyone deserves.

It seems to me that suffering is often linked to misinformation which can be corrected with education and empathy.

When one person gets better- it opens the possibility of a better world.

Great health isn’t always simple, but it can be much simpler than what many understand. I want to empower people to feel the best they can and tap into their own wisdom from that place.

What’s your vision of a healthcare system that works?

I am a strong believer in empowering people to become advocates for their own health.

People are taught the tools to maintaining optimal health, and are not simply told to “just do it.”

Empowering people with knowledge of how to heal themselves has been the most gratifying thing I have ever experienced.

Practitioners working together for the greater good of the one who is needing the help and education.

Society becomes healthier in mind, body, spirit, and from that place evolves the life on Earth!

Totally holistic: mind, body, spirit. Addressing all aspects of human beings: emotions, spiritual orientation, beliefs etc. and physical body.

Practitioners and their patients really internalize/understand the interconnectedness of diet, lifestyle and spirit to true wellness.

Complete integration of mind, body, spirit in healing. Patients having tools to address the traumas and unhelpful narratives that keep us unhappy and fearful. All that fear and self loathing takes root in the body. Nourished healthy spirits and quiet minds make healing choices for bodies.

Why do you need your work in healthcare to not only make a difference in the world, but to make a difference in your life?

There is great satisfaction in helping people feel better, and at the same time helping them become their own hero.

My goal is to age powerfully, healthily and beautifully, just like I’m teaching my clients to do. Being a role model holds me accountable and fires me up in taking care of myself.

I just love the work, I want to make people more aware of the options that are available to them.

I have found through my personal struggle, that health is my passion. I love seeing people become the best versions of themselves and lead a healthy and fulfilling life!

Nutrition was so pivotal to my healing that my life purpose is sharing with others how nutrition can make a difference in their health.

I would like to be on the cutting edge of helping find ways to bring peace to the patient and their family.

I want to be in community with others who share my worldview.

It is very important to me that I make the best possible contribution that I am able to, in the service of others.

Being in healthcare reminds me of the wonderful power of the human spirit!

Serving others is my passion and knowing that food is medicine makes me feel like there is a key to health that can be used for the well-being of every one.

Thank you for being a part of this incredible community, and for joining me in this revolution!

Take a moment and think through how you would answer each of these questions!


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