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Together in mission: shining the light on YOU - Blog Image

Together in mission: shining the light on YOU

BY: Andrea Nakayama

DATE: 2018-09-18

I’m beyond honored to help lead a movement of dedicated coaches and clinicians who want to transform healthcare.

It’s my mission to help you pursue your mission! That’s why I founded Functional Nutrition Alliance in 2009 and started training practitioners with Full Body Systems in 2012. And it’s why I continue to be an advocate for practitioners like you who know they can make a difference.

Despite our differing histories and circumstances, we truly are connected by a deep desire to make positive change in the world of healthcare.

I want to highlight some of the answers we received to two different surveys about our student and graduate missions, so you can get a glimpse of who’s in this journey to change the way we do healthcare with you. 

THIS is the community you’re a part of!

Here are just a few of the individual responses:

What led you to pursue a career in healthcare?

It really is truly my mission to serve others through the struggles I have gone through.

Why do you have a strong desire to help people get better?

There is a lot of information out there, whether nutritional, herbal, etc. Patients need someone who can communicate it all. This healer has distilled it all through his/her own education, clinical training and experience.

What’s your vision of a healthcare system that works?

I am a strong believer in empowering people to become advocates for their own health.

Why do you need your work in healthcare to not only make a difference in the world, but to make a difference in your life?

There is great satisfaction in helping people feel better, and at the same time helping them become their own hero.

Thank you for being a part of this incredible community, and for joining me in this revolution!

Take a moment and think through how you would answer each of these questions!

Andrea Nakayama

By: Andrea Nakayama, FxNA Founder & Functional Medicine Nutritionist

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