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Aloe Vera Juice: Healing the Skin (Inside & Out) - Blog Image

Aloe Vera Juice: Healing the Skin (Inside & Out)

BY: Andrea Nakayama

DATE: 2013-10-02

It’s not just what you eat. It’s how it gets there.

Eater’s Digest, from Replenish PDX is one eater’s reflections on the journey of her food.

This month: aloe vera juice

Did you know that your skin is the largest organ in your body?

Yet you’ve got a second skin that needs your tender loving care too. And that second skin is the tube that runs from your mouth to your anus ~ it’s your inside skin, your digestive system!
That second skin is what we’ll be focusing on in this coming week’s Autumn Cleanse. But you’ll see the benefits shining through our outer skin too.

You’re likely familiar with the idea of putting aloe on your outer skin to soothe either a sunburn or an inopportune encounter with some fire ~ from the stovetop, the fireplace or your campground dinner.
But can aloe actually provide some benefits for that internal skin as well?
You bet it can!

It was over 3,500 years ago that the health benefits of aloe were first documented. But the research didn’t stop there.

There’s a body of contemporary research that contributes to the reasons why I’m a fan of the healing benefits of aloe vera juice. I include it in many of my cleanses, like our upcoming Retreat: A TrulyFood Autumn Cleanse.

I also like to incorporate aloe vera juice into particular clients’ daily protocols and smoothies to help address specific digestive disturbances from heartburn to ulcers to intestinal or bowel inflammation to diarrhea. But why?

In Retreat: A TrulyFood Autumn Cleanse we’ll be delving into the health of your colon (and that means we get to really talk about the quality, quantity and consistency of your poop).

But whether you decide to join me for that cleansing journey or not, I invite you to take a look at what you leave behind in the porcelain bowl. Classical doctor’s did not put that information to waste. Instead they used it to determine a patient’s health status. And you can too.

As much as we disdain potty talk and flush away the evidence before taking a peak, I encourage you to come out of the closet with your water closet rituals. Bring a bit of confessional to this readily available (and free), health diagnostic tool this week.

And this is where the use of aloe juice may come into play for you. By taking a peak, you may realize that you could indeed use a little soothing support.

To get you started, let’s take a quick look at the top digestive benefits of consuming aloe and just how you’d go about doing so.

aloe and digestion. . .

I want to be clear here that when I’m talking about consuming aloe internally, I’m referring to the juice, not the gel. I prefer the Lily of the Dessert brand ~ either the whole leaf or inner fillet. You can find it organic and in glass bottles at most health food stores.

Just as I noted above, aloe very juice soothes the lining of the intestines just as it soothes burns and wounds on your skin. By doing so, aloe can have the following positive benefits on your digestive processes:

  • balancing acid and alkaline levels in the stomach, helping to ease gastric irritation

  • promoting proliferation of good bacteria in the gut

  • improving bowel regularity without causing diarrhea

  • slowing transit time to allow for optimal protein digestion and nutrient absorption

  • helping to ameliorate yeast in the alimentary canal (that’s your digestive system)

  • quelling internal systemic inflammation due to specific anti-inflammatory enzymes included right in your aloe juice

If you’re going it alone, I recommend starting slowly, with just 1 ounce in your morning water or smoothie.
If you’re working with a nutritionist or integrative health care practitioner, move toward finding the right dose for you. This is something we can certainly do together in Retreat, to ensure that you’re finding the amount that will bolster your digestion and elimination in conjunction with the most colon supportive dietary protocols.

So take a good peak behind you before you flush this week, and do allow the aloe to help heal the flow, from one end to the other.

I hope to see you in the cleanse next week!



P.S. Click here or see below for more cleansing details.

Digestive Heath-Foodie Smoothie

Serves 2

4 raw Brazil nuts

1 whole cucumber, peeled

1 large celery stalk

small handful spinach1/2 cup organic aloe vera juice

1 scoop protein powder (organic whey or fermented brown rice)

1 heaping tablespoon ground flax seeds

1 cup frozen blueberries

15-20 drops vanilla stevia (or to taste)

3 cups water

1 teaspoon maca (optional)

1/2 teaspoon ground ginger (optional)

Place all ingredients in a high-speed blender and blend until smooth.

Retreat: A TrulyFood Autumn Cleanse

Saturday, October 5th ONLINE TELESEMINAR

Group Cleanse Dates: October 7th through 13th

Get ready to focus on healing your digestion and your elimination (and most particularly your colon), and nourishing your body for the season.
This is One Week of Easy & Nourishing Foods for Your Mind, Body & Spirit!

Enjoy simple & scrumptious soups, steamed veggies, smoothies and tea elixirs.

You’ll have access to all the teachings, instructions, protocols, community and 24/7 online support to work on your unique issues of elimination all from your very own home!
Click here to learn more about the intentions of an autumn cleanse. . ..
And get ready for some deep relief and release!

Andrea Nakayama

By: Andrea Nakayama, FxNA Founder & Functional Medicine Nutritionist

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