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Could this be you? (special invitation)

BY: Andrea Nakayama

DATE: 2014-01-17

“Do you have groups for people who have lots of weight to lose?”

This is a question that came up in the fall.

It was asked on our private Message Board by one of the participants in our fall detox.

In fact, let me share parts of that conversation with you, in case this is you too. . .
“I was wondering if you ever have support groups for people who have lots of weight to lose. Being here has been so comforting to me. It helps to know that there are others ‘out there’ who are eating the same thing, asking questions (and reading their answers), making healthier choices, etc.. I know I likely need some one-on-one nutrition support too but I was just curious as this would be a great option for me!”
“Hey, this is a great idea! I’m in the same boat!”

Andrea Nakayama: Thanks for speaking up. We’re in the process of creating some small group opportunitiess for the new year and this would be a fantastic place for us to focus & create community (and transformation) with you. Stay tuned. We’ll reach out.

“On the weight loss topic, I need to lose between 50 and 80 pounds (depending on what my healthy body weight is now that I am in my 40s). During this detox, I have still be struggling with pain (and my crazy busy life) so I haven’t exercised much at all beyond walks around my office, which are adding up to close to 10K steps. Despite my general lack of “concentrated” exercise and the fact that I eat whatever I want (detox approved foods only, of course) whenever I’m hungry, my excess weight is simply melting off. Between the two Replenish programs I’ve done, I’ve lost 16 pounds!! Yay! So, my question is, as I continue to eat in this manner, will my weight loss naturally taper off as I near my body’s healthy weight?”

Andrea Nakayama: Some big YAYs in there for the progress you’re making! The answer to your questions is really “it depends”.

The depend factor is based on what may be happening to keep the weight on or allow it to come off. I spoke to my Nutrition Team today about a group that could address this particular need and do the necessary investigative and counseling work. We’re all really keen on it, so stay tuned and, keep up the amazing work, getting what you can do (exercise-wise), into the picture, as you are. The movement will come and we can help motivate that as well. Cheering you on.

“Thanks Andrea! This response has me laughing. ‘It depends’ is my favorite answer! I used it 10 times in one conversation just yesterday! I look forward to the possibility of a group on this topic!”

Andrea Nakayama: We think alike!

Those great minds, thinking alike, have lead to the formation of the group these women were asking for.

Bigger Body Breakthrough

Online Group Counseling with two lead Replenish Nutritionists
Maximum Capacity: 8

Duration: 3 months

Start Date: February
Prerequisite: Resolution Detox

If this is you, come find out more.

Don’t be shy.

It doesn’t hurt to inquire (and space is limited!).

Just email us at support@fxnutrition.com and your questions will be answered by my Nutrition Team.

Let us help you make sustainable changes that don’t require counting calories or clocking points but instead leave you sated and supported, with more of the answers you’ve been craving to your weight loss challenges and ultimate health goals.

Great minds and great bodies think alike. We make change together.

And we at Replenish can’t wait to get our thinking caps on with you!



P.S. Have you met my lead Nutritionists Andie Jones and Megan Liebmann? These women excel at what they do in the field of health and nutrition and I’m lucky to have them on my team.
You can learn more about Andie and Megan by clicking right here.

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  • group forum and nutrition support from Andrea & the Replenish nutrition team

You can do this!

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Andrea Nakayama

By: Andrea Nakayama, FxNA Founder & Functional Medicine Nutritionist

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