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Do you ever wonder what your kids' teachers talk about in the faculty lounge?

BY: Andrea Nakayama

DATE: 2012-09-21

Sure, they’re likely discussing school politics, their lesson plans or what they made for dinner last night. But are they also chatting about the children, your children?

This week I got a sneak peak behind-the-scenes of several classrooms. School is now in full swing. And this was the week that not just one, but four different teachers contacted me to come speak to the parents of their classes.

They asked me to address the importance of breakfast, healthy lunch options and how to navigate severe allergies in the classroom.

But what I also heard was where these wise teachers thought a nutritional upgrade could benefit the kids they spend time with every day. And you know what? They’re right! Here’s what they’re seeing. . .

  • yawning by 10am

  • lack of focus

  • skin irritations and outbreaks

  • dark circles under the eyes

  • chronic runny noses

  • spacing out during math

  • sassy attitudes in response to directives

  • disruptive behaviors that take time away from the rest of the class

Holy moly. None of us want to hear any of these things about our kids, right?!

And we especially don’t want to learn that anybody ~ teacher, grandparent, auntie or neighbor ~ thinks that there’s anything we could be doing to help or support our child that we’re not already doing. Heck, it’s our job to give them the best-of-the-best and we pride ourselves on our abilities to do so!

First of all, kudos to the teachers that are paying attention and reached out for some added insight into the potential for food to make a difference in our kids daily form and function.

If those teachers do happen to dish it in the lounge, its because they care.

We should all be so lucky to have our children in classrooms with faculty that show their concern for our child’s welfare both inside and outside the school environment.

And, then, what can we do? Where do we parents come in to alter the course of our child’s learning environment?

I’m not talking about the quality of the desks and chairs, the number of No.2 pencils, or even the teacher to child ratio. I’m talking about your child’s internal environment. How do we cultivate a true habitat for educational digestion and absorption to occur?

I think I just gave you the answer: it really can come down to digestion and absorption. And that brings us right back to the food.

Thankfully, education does not end at graduation.

We too can look, learn and listen.

What are your child’s signs, symptoms and demeanor telling you?

Is their cry for nightly mac-and-cheese really a plea for some level of help and healing?

Is skipping breakfast as they skip out the door with their backpack laden with books an acceptable practice?

The time is ripe. You can finally uncover the Whys of your child’s health and ability to be the best they can be in the classroom, as well as the Hows of change and transformation with the re-release of the online audio course Your Vibrant Child.

For the sake of your vibrant child, I’ll show up in those classrooms, ready and eager to help parents understand the difference between an allergy and a sensitivity, how to get kids to sleep more soundly so they are more rested for school the next day, and snack and lunch ideas that are sans gluten and nuts.

I hope you’ll allow me to join you in showing up for your vibrant child too. Class is in session and its right in your very own home.

You’ll be surprised at what we can do together in just a few months time.

See you in class #1 available immediately upon registration to get you rolling!



Andrea Nakayama

By: Andrea Nakayama, FxNA Founder & Functional Medicine Nutritionist

Functional Nutrition Alliance provides the comprehensive online Functional Nutrition training in the Science & Art of the Functional Nutrition practice. Learn to address the roots of your clients’ suffering with client education, diet & lifestyle modifications.


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