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Encore Presentation and Q&A Tonight!

BY: Andrea Nakayama

DATE: 2014-02-27

Did yesterday’s Clinical Quickie leave you with any “burning” questions about heartburn? It’s one of my favorite subjects to address in the Digestive Intensive because it’s one of those wildly misunderstood and mistreated conditions.
And we can help bring remedy and relief to clients so easily when we know and understand what’s going on in there! That’s cool enough to quell any burning!

Before I get ahead of myself, I have two important bits of information to share with you today. . . .
[ONE] Don’t forget that tonight is the Encore Presentation of Functional Nutrition 101 followed by a live Q&A with me.


You won’t want to miss this opportunity to consider how the guiding principles of functional medicine apply to increased successes in your practice.

Functional Nutrition 101 Encore Presentation

TONIGHT, February 27th at 5pm PT / 8pm ET

Join the seminar by phone or webcast. . .

dial-in number (425) 440-5100

access code: 842566#

And don’t forget to grab your Done-4-You Intake Form!

[TWO] In Tuesday’s mailing I promised I’d introduce you to our other Lead Nutritionist at Replenish. As I mentioned, these are two stellar practitioners, that started out just like you and me. You’ll want to keep an eye on these two.

These are also the women who join me throughout the Digestive Intensive and on the Digestive Intensive Message Board, to help answer your questions and deepen your understanding of the information we’re covering.

I’m so pleased to introduce you!

Meet Andie Jones, Replenish Lead Nutritionist

Hi there, fellow holistic health investigators!
I’m Andie Jones, and I’m so thrilled to be part of the Functional Nutrition team at Replenish and to have this opportunity to introduce myself to you. I live in Denver, Colorado with my love, Mathew, and our fur-child Sasha.
Sometimes life presents opportunities that you could never predict and that you know you just can’t pass up. That’s how I found myself working alongside Andrea, Megan, and the whole Replenish team.
My passion for nutrition and learning about holistic health began in my late teens. Years later that enthusiasm prevailed and I contemplated returning to school to gain a deeper understanding of food, diet and the body. Yet at that point I had a thriving career in marketing and advertising, and the idea of jumping ship ~ leaving an established path for a passion ~ seemed daunting. You may be able to relate!
It was while I was taking a course focused more on transformation that the passion returned with a more clear voice. In that moment I felt compelled to help transform the way we relate to food and healthcare, and I knew it started with helping individuals to change their diets. I made that seemingly impossible leap, left the security of my established career, and enrolled in a course to become a Certified Nutrition Educator.
Thus my new path began. I successfully grew a private practice and expanded my knowledge through a Masters of Science in Holistic Nutrition program, clinical trainings, coaching programs, and business development courses. It was essential for me to work in integrity, and that meant working from the root imbalances to help people discover how to support their unique bodies to heal and thrive. There was always a lot more for me to learn, and I was on a mission to find the best resources and continue my journey.
Along the way, I stumbled across Andrea Nakayama at Replenish. Andrea was speaking my language! She synthesized everything that I valued in her approach, and I was wowed. Her courage and strength moved me deeply. There was so much I admired about her. You could say I developed a bit of a “crush”.
I would savor her emails and read them with a latte on Sunday morning, as if they were The New York Times!
Then, several years ago, Andrea and I attended a conference where we were both featured on a success panel. Prior to meeting on the panel, I ran into Andrea in line for tea. I approached her and told her how much I loved the information she was sharing and how she was, indeed, changing the face of healthcare.
I told her how much her writing moved me and spoke to me and my own purpose. I gushed out everything I thought about the power of her work and felt school-girlish in my enthusiasm, but everything I was saying was true!
I was so happy to meet this incredible woman and share how connected I felt to her approach and what she was developing. And Andrea was as warm in person as she appeared in her writing. She was (and is!) the real deal.
When Andrea released Holistic Nutrition Lab Full Body Systems in 2012, I was one of the first to register. During her initial introductory seminar, I hung on her every word, nodding my head the entire time. I was so grateful that she was putting her work into the world to support other health practitioners to dig deeper to understand their client’s bio-individuality.
This work was SO needed, and I knew I had to be part of it and absorb every bit of expertise that she was willing to share.
Throughout Holistic Nutrition Lab Full Body Systems my confidence as a practitioner skyrocketed. Having Andrea at my back helped me to take on more difficult cases, have incredible success with my clients, and my practice transformed.
All of a sudden I also had a community of other practitioners who really ‘got it’. I made time for the course work and was present for the full opportunity of Andrea’s offerings throughout the class. Investing in my education in this way was the best choice I’ve ever made to further my growth ~ personally and in my business, despite my extensive training elsewhere.
But for me the good fortune did not end there.
When the chance to mentor with Andrea was presented later in the year, it was a no-brainer for me. Yes, it was a stretch for me to continue to invest in my development, but I couldn’t pass up the occasion to work closely with Andrea and her team. Again, I took another leap, another move toward the calling of my heart, even when my mind could give me a hundred-and-one reasons not to (finances and time being the loudest).
And once again, showing up for myself proved fruitful.
Andrea soon offered me the opportunity to collaborate with her and the Replenish team on client cases. From the moment we started working together, I knew this was something special. As a solo practitioner, I craved collaboration. I fell in love with Megan and how we were all able to create something even greater than the sum of our parts.
Andrea is on a mission. Working this closely with her I could see how she is calling each of us to step up to meet the initiative we have within us to truly make a difference in the health of our world. Receiving her tutelage is at times challenging but always exciting and I’m awed to look back and see the growth I’ve experienced over the last couple of years as a holistic health practitioner and communicator.
My thinking about how to approach client cases has completely evolved, as has the success I see them achieve!
Slowly, our relationship evolved from “dating” to “going steady”. Last year I made another leap. I’ve officially joined the Replenish team, leaving the practice I had built behind to be a part of this growing mission that Andrea has initiated.
I’m beyond grateful for the continued opportunity to learn from Andrea on a daily basis. She has a gift for helping people see their unique value. In addition to the deep healing space she offers clients, she’s dedicated to helping other practitioners grow and thrive. It’s an honor to be part of the environment Andrea’s created to do this work in the highest integrity and to have learned the lesson of trusting my gut instincts.
Oh, and did I mention that we have a lot of fun to boot! I so look forward to helping to welcome you into our growing, thoughtful and inspired extended community of practitioners in Holistic Nutrition Lab.


Head over to the HNL Facebook Page and post them beneath her picture!


Join me on TONIGHT after the FN101 Encore for a live Q&A.


Check out the sneak peak video inside DI over at Holistic Nutrition Lab!
Click here to see what Digestive Intensive grads are saying about taking the course again for free ~ with our purchase = 2 years + lifetime access policy!

That’s it for today, but not for tonight. . .

Tonight I’ll see you in the Functional Nutrition 101 Encore, where I’ll be available to answer your burning questions after the call, and where I’ll announce a special gift I have for anyone who registers for the Digestive Intensive by midnight tonight.
(Note: This gift will be made available to all those who registered prior as well. So if you’re in, you’re in!)

In the meantime, clear the decks for some evening fun with tonight’s FN101 Encore (5pm PT / 8pm ET followed by Q&A)!



Andrea Nakayama

By: Andrea Nakayama, FxNA Founder & Functional Medicine Nutritionist

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