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Fancy Nut Butters

BY: Andrea Nakayama

DATE: 2012-03-31

Have you noticed it too?

The nut butter aisle at my health food store is growing.

In fact it’s not just growing, its stretching. . . stretching into the realms of cinnamon, spices and superfoods. Fancy stuff! I couldn’t be happier.

The other day my son and I dipped slices of green apples in a nut butter confection that I swear tasted just like caramel.

Last year I wrote about all the amazing alternatives to peanut butter that are now available.

I definitely have my faves:

These are the jars I’ll turn to for a spoonful of protein.

I’ll scoop for a smoothie, spread for half of my son’s gluten-free nut butter and jelly sandwich, or dip for what we used to call a nut butter boat (simply nut butter on a spoon ~ a heaping pack of goodness to get you through the day).

But these gourmet flavored combos are like the new kids on the block.

In my opinion. . .

they’re not to be hidden in smoothies,

they’re not to be used for the lunchbox,

but, well, maybe they are good for a little love boat ride to heaven.

These gourmet flavored nut butter combos are like prepared dessert in a jar!
(And they don’t have to contain refined sugar, evaporated cane juice and certainly not corn syrup to deliver their sweet goodness.)

Really, check out the options (and try not to drool on your keypad):

  • that caramel tasting almond butter?: Cinnamon and Red Maca Almond Butter by 


  • hankering for that old jar of Nutella but gave up the white stuff?: indulge in some 


  • looking to spoil your superfood fascination?: behold the Berkeley Buzz Butter by  (OK, there are no nuts in there, but I couldn’t resist!)

    Living Tree Community Foods

Next time you go to your health food store or co-op, linger in the nut butter aisle. Pick up some jars. Read some labels. Contemplate the flavors.

With nut butter in the mix, I can condone the urge to splurge.



P.S. Don’t be afraid to get crafty. Get out your food processor and start blending some nutty flavor combos of your own. Cinnamon. Maca. Cacao Nibs. If you want to add a touch of sanctioned sweetness go for it. The possibilities are endless. . .

P.P.S. Come up with any winning combos? Let me know here!

Andrea Nakayama

By: Andrea Nakayama, FxNA Founder & Functional Medicine Nutritionist

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