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Get over yourself

BY: Andrea Nakayama

DATE: 2012-01-14

I’m a little nervous leading with that headline. No, I’m not telling you to get over yourself. Really I’m not. Sometimes it’s completely appropriate to take ourselves seriously.

I am, however, telling myself to get over myself.
Get over yourself has been my mantra this new year. I put it into practice last week when I shot four videos for my upcoming online course called Holistic Nutrition Lab (holistic health coaches. . . this one’s for YOU!).

Venturing into unknown territory is never easy. We’re a culture that generally wants ease, a quick fix, a magic bullet to avoid discomfort and disease.

Unfortunately, most opportunities for growth don’t come without a bit of distress and unease. For me, even the seemingly benign act of shooting video fell into the realm of disquiet. It took a tremendous amount of letting go, trusting the process and getting over myself.

There I was peaking into the tiny camera playback screen, trying to get a glimpse of a mini me that was about the size of an action figure, struggling to trust that the scene being captured would convey the message in my heart, that it would feel like ME.

I would look. Analyze. Criticize. And then get back on the other side of the camera.

It was only when I spoke my mantra, get over yourself, that I could shift from the skeptical analyst into authenticity and possibility.

Over the past week I’ve been watching over 300 Core Values Detoxers do the same. These are people who have taken on the challenge of 20 barre3 workouts in 25 days combined with a 10-Day full-on digestive detox. They’re brave. They’re witty. They’re caught in the throes of emotions and sensations that don’t always feel pretty.

Yet the magic seems to happen when they hand themselves over to the process, ditching the disbelief and expectation, softening the strong arm of effort and ambition. It’s a sweet combination of intention and absolution.

And here’s what some of those detoxers have stumbled upon in the process. . .

When I looked in the mirror this morning, I was surprised that my usually bloodshot eyes from allergies, lack of sleep and eye strain were bright, clear and SHINY! After 3 days, what a difference! They even feel better!

I was really surprised last night with my level of engery. I walked the couple miles round trip to the grocery. Typically I’m so tired by 7pm the last thing I want to do is another errand. If I absolutely had to go I would drive! The fact that I wanted a walk (it was chilly) was completedly unexpected and it felt great!

In general, I’m feeling good, sated, and for lack of a better word, free. I am also lighter 😉 almost 3 pounds so far! Today I’ve been tired, but I’m trying to drink even more water as that helps me sometimes. I figure, my body’s working hard to clean up my messes, so I’ll help it out with some more cleaning solution.

There may be other ways to say get over yourself.I could gently assuage myself by thinking about how hard it is to “get out of my comfort zone.” I could enlighten myself about “getting out of my own way.”But somehow, the simple mantra get over yourself allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and get out of my own way all at the same time. It allowed me to find that sweet spot where intention and absolution meet. It left me open to the experience that would (and will) unfold in front of me.

Who knew that something that sounds so harsh could actually feel so incredibly Zen?



P.S. If you’re eager to find the comfort of that sweet spot while supporting the health of your adrenals, join me and Andrea Livingston of Phytofoods for Revitalize: A TrulyFood Winter Cleanse. It’s just around the corner! See details below.

What else is on my plate this month?

Cranberry Glazed Salmon
This recipe is getting rave reviews from the Core Values Detoxers, and I couldn’t agree with them more!

Coconut Bars
In our house, this came out more like a kugel than a bar. I replaced the eggs with a chia gel (3 tablespoons chia blended with 1 cup water) and replaced the honey with yacon. I also added some chopped 100% chocolate! It’s a hit!

Chickpea Piccata
I love capers! I left the breadcrumbs out. Who needs them?

Andrea Nakayama

By: Andrea Nakayama, FxNA Founder & Functional Medicine Nutritionist

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