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Go ahead…boss your brain around

BY: Andrea Nakayama

DATE: 2017-04-13

My mind is often brimming with ideas.

But these past few months I’ve had an especially busy brain—thinking, creating, teaching, problem-solving…

Honestly, I thrive with a high-functioning head on my shoulders, (and I bet you might, too!), but it can be exhausting as well—like running a mental marathon.

That’s why I’ve turned my focus to bossing my brain around with key nourishment.

I’ve put my brain in training!
And I want to invite you to nourish your noggin too…

Part of my brain boosting business includes dialing it back and checking in with my:

  • stress levels

  • sleep patterns

  • and especially my blood sugar balance

Each of these “insults” can potentially affect my mind-power. It amazes me that I have to slow down and remind myself to ‘fill my tank’!
(You’d think I’d know better by now.)

One way I refuel is by treating myself to some of the recipes from the upcoming blood sugar balancing BOSS Detox that starts next week.
And speaking of nurturing, Ricki Heller (the mastermind behind the delicious recipes in BOSS) truly knows how to nurture your sweet tooth without taking you for a ride on the blood sugar roller coaster!

But back to the brain train…

When we talk brain health, we need to talk neurotransmitters.

Those are your brain chemicals. We have 3 key neurotransmitters that produce happy feelings, foster relaxation, and increase our resilience to stress.

These brilliant brain chemicals are serotonin, beta-endorphins and dopamine.

Ready to get brainy with me and learn more about this terrific trio for your own brain training routine?

Serotonin is an inhibitory neurotransmitter and it’s your “feel good” chemical. It helps quiet your brain and creates a peaceful, relaxed feeling.
Beta-endorphins are known as the brain’s painkiller. Increased levels of beta-endorphins are associated with higher self-esteem and improved ability to cope with stress. Lower levels lead to feeling inadequate or stuck.
Dopamine is an excitatory neurotransmitter that produces feelings of pleasure, alertness, concentration, euphoria, and motivation. It’s synthesized in the brain from the amino acid tyrosine.
Here’s the catch…

Our desire to increase these brain chemicals (and feel good and “on”) often leads to searching for sugar.

Raiding the cookie jar, grabbing that mid-morning mocha and sneaking the last piece of cake may be your brain’s way of asking for more happy chemicals to keep up with all your demands.

Ready to get even brainier?
Here’s what’s happening in your brain when that sugar craving strikes:
Serotonin production requires the amino acid precursor called tryptophan. Increased levels of insulin in the blood lead to greater amounts of tryptophan crossing the blood brain barrier. More tryptophan means more serotonin which feels good (your brain likes it!).

What’s wrong with that you ask?

It triggers cravings for the white stuff (sugar, that is) to continue the cascade.
Constantly stimulating the body to produce high insulin levels leads to complications like adrenal fatigue, inflammation, insulin resistance and candida.
Beta-endorphins are temporarily increased when you eat sugar, leading to improved self-esteem and feeling more resilient. Once the reliance on sugar for this boost starts, it can be hard to stop.
Dopamine release is triggered by opiate production. Guess what triggers opiates in your brain? You guessed it…sugar. The release of dopamine creates good feelings such as pleasure, alertness, and euphoria. It feels like a reward and we seek more sugar to continue feeling good.

Don’t despair. You’re not destined for a life of sugar addiction, mood and energy swings. I promise!

There are plenty of ways to increase this terrific trio without turning to cupcakes and candy.

You can balance your blood sugar, find peace, feel confident, and keep your brain happy without the white stuff. You just need to get a little bossy!

Download my free Be the Boss of Your Brain: What Balances Your Blood Sugar Balances your Brain Chemistry. Stick it in on your fridge (or better yet, your cookie jar) and get started with these 10 tips today!

Be the BOSS of your Brain: what balances your blood sugar balances your brain chemistry  by functional nutritionist Andrea Nakayama

click here to get your copy now!

Is your brain in a knot trying to figure out how to boost your mood, have more confidence, experience more pleasure and keep up with your very own brilliant ideas even while giving up the goodies?

I can help you say goodbye to sugar and find balance and the retrain for your brain and body more naturally.
Get ready to be the BOSS of how you look, feel and think!


The timing couldn’t be better.

If you’re seeing or hearing some signs in your brain and body, that it’s time to shift the sugar and shake things up…

We’re going to have a whole lot of fun listening-in to some new cues, learning what they mean and how to manage them so you (and your health) are no longer at the whim of your diet or your cravings.

That’s what it means to really be the BOSS of you.
You’re Not the Boss of Me! Controlling Your Blood Sugar So It Doesn’t Control You starts with its kick-butt kick-off on April 19th.

If you’re ready to be the BOSS of your blood sugar, now is the time! (And I promise, we’ll show you how.)



P.S. Have questions about BOSS? Ask us! Drop us a line at support@fxnutrition.com.


You’re Not the BOSS of Me: Controlling Your Blood Sugar so that it Doesn’t Control You
Blood sugar affects your mood, your weight, your mechanisms of hunger and your hormone balance. When it’s out of whack for too long it can lead to chronic disease states like diabetes, hypertension, Candida and persistent internal inflammation.
You can finally get a handle on the conditions that are controlling your life.
BOSS includes 4 online classes to discuss the Whys & Hows of your Detox Diet & Beyond.

group detox start date: Wednesday, April 19th

detox duration: 2 full weeks of recipes, teaching, community & support!

In BOSS you’ll learn how to…

  • tackle chronic weight concerns

  • discover renewed energy

  • decrease your risk of chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer

  • mitigate mood swings

  • look and feel more vibrant throughout the entire day

Learn key information for your health while eating great food and living the best life possible to support not only your own wellness and equilibrium, but also that of your entire family.
click here to learn more and finally become the BOSS of you!

Andrea Nakayama

By: Andrea Nakayama, FxNA Founder & Functional Medicine Nutritionist

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